Top best Japanese learning apps on iPhone (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Best Japanese learning apps – Japanese learning – Japanese is one of the ten most popular languages in the world with more than 130 million speakers. Whatever your purpose of studying Japanese, studying to study abroad, to have a light and high-paying job, to travel, … it’s very simple and convenient today. You can learn Japanese wherever you are, right from your beloved “apple” without going to the mall by simply downloading one of the apps on the App Store.

Isn’t that great, let APK-LIVE consult the best and free Japanese learning apps on iPhone right here. For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top best Japanese learning apps on iPhone

7. Learn From Day One: LingoDeer

LingoDeer will have you speaking Japanese and raising your fluency level from day one. It follows a fun building-block approach that feels more like a game. Each lesson applies grammar and vocabulary that you learned from the previous one using several methods of testing.

Unlike other apps that have you memorizing Japanese vocabulary and phrases without context, LingoDeer features audio from native Japanese speakers and integrates words, sentences, and culture naturally that you can use in real life. You can even slow down the speaker’s voice to be as accurate as possible in your pronunciation — indispensable to learning the language. Other awesome features include the ability to turn on furigana so you can study kanji, and learn the meaning and context of a particle with a simple tap.

While LingoDeer is entirely free, you can learn all the basics such as hiragana and katakana, more than 1,000 essential Japanese phrases, and enjoy a deep dive into the first modules. Afterward, you can pay a small fee for the premium version, which includes all lessons, including coverage for N5-N3 vocabulary and grammar.

Link download: iOS

8. The Flashcard Fiend: Anki

best Japanese learning apps

Anki allows you to import kanji and vocabulary “decks” from popular textbooks or JLPT lists and then convert them into flashcards. These can range from just a word or kanji to vocabulary placed in sentences to help you understand the context. These can come with audio cues and hilariously cheesy stock photos for extra fun.

When presented with a flashcard, think of the answer and click to have it revealed. You can then self-mark from Again to Easy, with the time in which the card will be vast listed alongside the options.

Along with being able to create your decks, Anki comes with a range of useful features, including an answer timer and the ability to flip the questions and answers. This is particularly good for when you want to switch between reading kanji or vocabulary to being able to write them.

Anki can be used as an app, online, or a desktop version. For creating decks, you might find it quicker to use the desktop version and then sync it with your device. Apologies to iOS users — you have to pay — but you’ll get your money’s worth.

Link download: iOS

9. Imiwa

Imiwa is a Japanese learning software for iphone, with a superb Japanese – English – Japanese lookup feature. This app has the best feature of looking up synonyms, when you look up a kanji, and it will show you all of the words with the same meaning. In particular, with Imiwa, you can practice your ability to draw kanji, look up characters in Japanese.

The dictionary contains 170000+ japanese entries and corresponding english translations, almost 15000 are translated in french, 94000+ in german and 7000+ in russian.

The dictionary entries are enriched with example sentences coming from both the tanaka corpus and the tatoeba project. This is yet again an invaluable content that is made available to the community. Do contribute to those projects to keep them alive!

Powerful lookup method

You can search the dictionary using any of kanji, kana, romaji or a word in one of the supported foreign languages. imiwa? will auto-magically find what you are looking for.

iOS also comes with built-in Kanji stroke recognition, use the Traditional Chinese keyboard to input directly kanji characters, this is simply amazing!. (Go to the Settings app on the device home screen and: General ↝ Keyboard ↝ Keyboards ↝ Add New Keyboard ↝ Chinese – Traditional Handwritting)

Link download: iOS

10. WEBU

WEBU is not a normal Japanese learning apps. In fact, it is an online newspaper reader app in Japanese. It’s helping learners get acquainted with many common Japanese words. When you are in WEBU’s interface, if you come across any word that you don’t know the meaning of. Just highlight that word, its meaning will automatically be brought up on the screen. After that, you can save, add to Flashcard so that it will open again at any time.

WEBU is the web browser for Japanese learner with a powerful dictionary engine and full fledged flash card learning system. Convenient features like auto-speak words with single click and speaking full sentence with double click.

best Japanese learning apps

A web page

But WEBU is not only limited to web pages, it has a camera feature to let you take photos and translate text from it. This can help you to read menus, posters, manga and magazine much easier. For any Japanese products with bar code and QR code, the camera would also lead you to the product web page. It can also read text from clipboard and so literally you can learn the same way. From email, telegram or any other Apps. Just copy and paste to WEBU and learn all the vocabulary in one shot.

WEBU’s home-grown dictionary engine can recognise not only words with built-in dictionary. Or on ordinary words, kanji, place and name, but also numbers, dates and counters. It also allow you to reference IOS dictionaries like Daijirin and wisdom Japanese-English dictionary. Or, do a web search on grammar, meaning and wikipedia. You can use the pop-up dictionary everywhere in the App like Flash Quiz and Web search result.

Link download: iOS

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