Top Best Photo Editing Apps for Android (Part 2)

By | January 19, 2021

Editing apps are countless on The Google Play app store. However, which photo editing apps that deserve you to experience? Let’s dive together in Part-2 of this series. You can check out more news at APK-Live


Price: Free

editing apps - Canva

Canva is an online graphic design and photo editing platform. Unlike Adobe’s software, you absolutely can use many of Canva’s cool features for free. With this app you can edit video images like any other editing apps and more specifically you can design logos using Canva. By offering a wide range of graphic design and photo editing features, Canva brings you a wide range of great products to help you make your Website stand out.

The feature most appreciated by users is the ability to design on available templates. Canva is a tool to help you create entirely new designs or use existing ones. You can save time using any of the 60,000 free templates created by professional designers. The design method on this editing app is also quite simple. You just need to search for the images you want then drag and drop into the template available so you have a photo for yourself. Canva is a great tool for those who do not have a lot of graphic skills and is also a great help for the graphic design professional. In addition to the available photos you can easily upload photos from the gallery and then freely design on them.

Great abilities

Next is the ability to add text to the image. This feature almost every photo editing apps has, but to do as well as Canva is very rare. This application allows you to choose from up to 700 different fonts, color styles, spacing styles to write on your photos. Photo editing is also a feature that users love in this application. Canva allows you to adjust brightness, contrast saturation … and especially the application has a treasure trove of beautiful filters for you to use.

Finally, perhaps the ability to easily share photos on popular social networking sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook … Also you can use the Pro version for unlimited access. Millions of high quality photos, icons and illustrations. This version also helps you to automatically adjust images and videos for different social networks with various resizing.

However, the application still has some negative points that reduce the user experience. First of all, the stability of the application is always complained by users. Sometimes the application will automatically exit for no reason or many times you cannot login to your account. However, these are just a few very rare cases. Overall, Canva is still a great app with a pretty high 4.9-star rating on Google Play

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Adobe Lightroom

Price: Free to download

Editing apps - Adobe Lightroom

This is a fairly familiar software for those who regularly take pictures and edit images on the computer. With editing apps on phones, Adobe has optimized them with a series of smart features that are no less than applications on the computer.

Unlike Photoshop, this application does not provide you with the functions of cutting, merging, and deleting fonts as in Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom gives you the ability to edit color, contrast, light and dark … The strength of Lightroom is its ability to process images in batch, especially with RAW image formats that need to be processed in time. short time.

As mentioned above, this application can help you to edit, blend color images professionally. Lightroom software can edit and edit photos with a series of preset filters, presets, and effects for users to apply on photos easily. You can set photo-related parameters such as contrast, color saturation, image effects, white balance, and re-balance faulty images.

New add-on features

Moreover, Lightroom is also highly appreciated by users for its ability to manage smart photo collections. Lightroom acts as a middleman, involved in the photo editing process but does not change anything on the original photo, thanks to the mechanism to save the original image and the image after being edited in the files. separate named Catalog. After bringing photos into Lightroom, users can also add keywords, titles, captions, metadata, … to each photo. With its intelligent image management mechanism and divided by different image collections, users can easily preserve the original image, while still getting the results of the photo editing as desired.

It is quite regrettable that this app still has some undesirable minus points. Many users complain about logging into the app. They assume that the app cannot login because the confirmation code did not send to the email. Others also said that the default app uses Chinese, making it difficult for them to use. Perhaps the price also makes users hesitate to decide to use this app. To fully utilize the functions of Adobe Lightroom, you have to spend $ 9.99 per month.

Overall this is still a great app with a pretty high rating on Google Play, up to 4.3 stars.

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Enlight Pixaloop

Price: Free to download

Editing apps - Enlight Pixaloop

Do you want your photos to be special and unique to “live virtual”? With beautiful, unique and strange floating clouds effect created from Enlight Pixaloop photo editing application, you will be satisfied. About two years ago Enlight launched a new application called Enlight Pixaloop. This is an application that can create motion pictures that bring art into your photos. Any elements in the picture such as fire, waves, clouds … can move.

Enlight Pixaloop has tools that can give you quick and precise control over the animation to make a special photo yourself. Lightricks, the developer of the Enlight bag suite of Enlight Quickshot and Enlight Videoleap, brought a similar design language into Enlight Pixaloop. Especially when the design language of the Enlight application suite has won the Apple Design Awards design award. You can easily get acquainted and make the most of the features of Enlight Pixaloop after a short time.

Friendly interface

Enlight Pixaloop’s interface is intuitive, easy to use, and easily creates professional animations. Use tools to move and control movement quickly and accurately. New “Geometric” tools help you create 3D movements, such as stairs, floors or corridors, to create more distinctive, architectural-style animations. What’s more, you can easily add moving clouds to make the frames in your photos more vivid than ever.

Perhaps the app’s most popular feature is its ability to move still images. To animate, go to the Animate feature and use tools like Patch to create motion and anchors to create anchor points to freeze the place (prevent it from moving). Geometric to create unrealistic movements that reverse the direction of the water, rising water defies all the laws of gravity. In addition, Enlight Pixaloop also provides tools to help you balance colors, lighten your photos more beautiful, more harmonious as you desire. Another plus point of the application is that after editing, the quality of the output photos and videos is still very sharp. Moreover, you can easily share them on popular social networking sites within the application easily.

However, Enlight Pixaloop still has some unnecessary minus points. Firstly, in terms of price, to fully utilize the features you will have to upgrade to the pro version for 450k / year. Users also complained about the app’s stability as some people said they couldn’t save the video after editing. In general, with the “unique” features that this application brings, Enlight Pixaloop is still worth it for you to use.

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