Top Best Photo Editing Apps for Android (Part 3)

By | January 20, 2021

Editing apps are countless on The Google Play app store. However, which photo editing apps that deserve you to experience? Let’s dive together in Part-3 of this series. You can check out more news at APK-Live

Google Photos

Price: Free

Best Editing apps - GG

Google Photos is Google’s image storage and browser app loved by Android and iPhone users, but many people don’t notice that this great app also allows you to edit photos with a variety of features. Unique no need to use any other editing apps. First and foremost is its handy capabilities when you can store photos online and edit photos professionally in the application. The eye-catching interface with white tones is the main theme is also a great plus point of this application when all users can easily get used to and use.

To use the photo editing feature on Google Photos, just click on the pen image when selecting the photo entry. The application will default for you to edit 3 basic parameters: Brightness, color and POP. However, it does not stop there when you continue to press the V button, but it will allow you to intervene deeper in the photo with many different special features.

Many features to choose

At the bottom of the screen we will see a lot of image editing tools including Crop, Adjust and Filters. In the Crop section, you can choose the size to adjust the image, or choose the frame to crop the image. Switching to adjustment, you will continue to adjust the content, such as brightness, contrast, white point, highlight, shadow, black point (black point, saturation, warmth, hue, tone Skin color … You click on each item to edit the picture.Each editing item has a slider to adjust the relevance. Click Finish to save.

However, the application still faces some unnecessary minus points. First of all is the stability many users complain about while they are editing photos when the app automatically exits causing them to start over. This makes users quite uncomfortable during use. Furthermore, sometimes photos in apps are lost for unknown reasons. Overall, this is a quite convenient application with 2 main functions of storing and editing photos, which is well worth a place in your device. Google Photos is highly rated by users up to 4.7 stars on Google Play.

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Price: Free

Snapseed is known by many users as a powerful photo editing application with many special features developed by Google. With this application, with just a few editing steps you can turn an amateur photo more sparkling and magical than ever.

Before introducing the filters that made Snapseed’s name, this app also had an advantage over some other photo editing apps. The great advantage of Snapseed is that it is completely ad-free. You get access to all the tools and filters at no extra cost. The application’s interface is always a huge plus as it is clear and easy to use, and can be edited in RAW images. Each function cluster is individually located for faster image processing and output. Snapseed’s editing functions and color effects are the most comprehensive today, focusing on two main items: landscapes and portraits.

Best editing apps - Snapseed

A true gift for editor

In addition to the master photo editing, you can also detail each smaller selection in the image with area selection and brush functions. This was a feature that many users wanted on editing apps on the phone many years ago. Since most apps are only able to adjust the overall image, sometimes the unwanted area will be affected. Selecting a small area to adjust will bring high efficiency and accuracy.

For girls who like Selfie, Snapseed also features a feature that helps you erase acne, making your photos more vibrant than ever. You just need to zoom out a bit for easy viewing, then select the details you want to delete, the application will automatically understand, calculate and replace the area with good details nearby.

Recent updates have upgraded the blur feature to make the subject stand out. With Snapseed, you can also add a simulated photo border and frame it to make the photo look more elegant and luxurious.

If you have ever used Instagram, it will often be difficult when the proportion of photos you post will be cut to the standard ratio of this application. So many people have to download more apps to be able to nest them in white frames so that the image will not be cropped. Snapseed is now able to fix that.

Useful features

Another very useful feature is to refine the perspective of the image to help overcome distortion when shooting wide-angle. There are many genres such as architecture, landscape, portrait photography that you can apply to.

It is quite a pity that the application still has some unreasonable errors that reduce the user experience. Quite often users complain that they cannot save photos after editing, which makes them feel very time consuming. Others are quite unlucky when they cannot use the editing features that the application offers. Some people even have an auto-exit, which causes them to re-edit from scratch. However, these are only very rare cases encountered. Overall this is a good photo editing app with a rating of up to 4.2 stars on AppStore. It’s well worth the experience.

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Price: Free

VSCO is one of the most famous photo capture and editing applications on smartphones today. The application allows you to use a wide variety of saturation, brightness, and contrast adjustments, in a harmonious way, making your photos professional and connectable with a creative community. Entering the application, you will see eye-catching a neat interface with black and white tones. The first highlight of this software is a rectangular toolbar at the bottom of each page with a matte background color that always appears on the interface, users can switch between 4 different pages. Black indicates the current tab and lighter colored pages will be where they can choose to view. Overall, the interface of this application is highly appreciated by users and is quite easy to use.

VSCO application has 4 main features when you use it. First of all, this app gives users more than 200 Presets. It is considered a feature that carries many different parameters to adjust effects for more beautiful photos, this feature helps you to edit photos quickly and a lot more professional than using normal apps. The ability to edit professionally is also a strong point that users always appreciate when using VSCO. It integrates quite a lot of advanced photo editing features. Some like: frame borders, video editing, adding effects, HSL color space …

In addition, you can also share your work with VSCO’s community of art enthusiasts. Adding effects to videos is also a useful feature for photography enthusiasts. You can unleash your own creation and make it come alive through this app. In addition, the ability to create GIF is a pretty big plus of VSCO compared to other photography applications. With this feature you can keep a series of funny moments with family and friends.

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