VidMate APK Free Download App – Review and How to Use VidMate

By | November 23, 2020

Currently, the Google Play store offers quite a few applications that support downloading data from social networks or other multimedia content sharing services for Android smartphones.

However, most of them contain annoying ads and an eye-catching interface that reduces the ability of the user experience. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share with readers a tool that possesses similar functions but can overcome all the above disadvantages. It is a VidMate APK free download app.

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About VidMate – HD Video Downloader

VidMate is a powerful video or audio downloader application for Android smartphones. The app works well on many websites, social networks, or multimedia content sharing services. With this tool, you can watch the latest HD movies, popular TV shows, live shows, and other entertainment channels.

Most of the online sites that users often use for entertainment needs such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vine, Tumblr, or Metacafe. They bring the best experiences. Especially, many adult content sharing services also appear on this app but need to be activated in the Advanced settings section.

Background Story

Guy Krief, CEO of Upstream, said that if a user downloads and installs this app on their device, the third party will take control of their phone and personal information. VidMate shows hidden ads that leave users unsure why mobile data is being deducted. And of course, the owner of the app gets money from the advertiser.

One person claiming to be a VidMate spokesperson denied any information published by Upstream in a Skype interview. This person declined to confirm his name and title at VidMate and did not answer questions.

According to Upstream, in just six months they blocked 128 million suspicious transactions from users in Egypt, Brazil, and Myanmar using the VidMate app. If these transactions are successful, users could have lost more than $150 million from their mobile subscribers without their knowledge.

UCWeb, a subsidiary of Alibaba, developed VidMate and they sold the app last year. Currently, a startup called Nemo Fish is the new owner of VidMate. However, Upstream detected suspicious transactions of VidMate since October 2017 before UCWeb sold the app. By April 2018, these transactions balloned on a large scale.

Previously, mobile applications released by Chinese companies such as Cheetah Mobile, DO Global, and Kika Tech has also been accused of advertising fraud and collecting the personal information of users.

Outstanding Features

VidMate is an Android application that allows you to download videos from YouTube and WhatsApp for free. With outstanding features and completely free, VidMate has become the choice of many users, now has more than half a billion users. Bridge has installed this app. However, security experts at Upstream recently discovered that this application is silently withdrawing money from users’ mobile accounts.

Accordingly, VidMate secretly automatically registered for paid services, displayed advertisements that caused Android smartphones to run out of battery fast, reveal personal information, and be charged from the account.

– Super-Fast Download Speed: In the same network connection, the VidMate app provides up to 200% faster data download speeds using advanced technology to get the most out of your internet connection.

– User-Friendly Interface: VidMate has a user-friendly design that even first-time users can easily use the app.

– Live TV Channels: Unlike other apps that give you live TV channels that require payment to watch content, VidMate presents a list of over 200 free TV channels including Movies, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, and Sports.

– Unlimited Movie Downloads: You can search for the latest and hottest movies with the VidMate application. It provides downloadable sources of unique quality and formats. VidMate has a full range of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and films in many countries in many languages.

Download and Use

VidMate is not in the Play Store as Google has not been accepting apps for some time that allow the download of videos from platforms such as YouTube and similar for copyright reasons. Similar apps must be legal, only to download movies copyright does not protect that.

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To download and install VidMate, it is necessary to access one of the many Android app markets and download the APK of the app to be installed manually with a click on the mobile device.

To install an Vidmate APK file, we must enable the installation from an unknown source on the device. We usually find this option in the security menu of the smartphone Settings, but its location varies depending on the device in your possession.

Once this item is available, with a simple click on the app APK, VidMate will install it on the device. The use is very trivial thanks to a very well structured interface. The home page of the app summarizes the portals from which you can download a movie. By clicking on it, you can then perform a search to find the desired video.


Using VidMate to download videos or audio files is quite simple. After opening the app, you just need to enter the address of the website to download the video or use the suggestion available for some social networks and sharing services.

Then play the content you want to download video or audio. Click on the red circle icon with an arrow inside and choose the file format you want to save to your device and confirm. VidMate favors videos where a single item is available to only show featured content compiled from a variety of sources, mostly from YouTube. There are also quite a lot of other features, you will learn more during the use of the app.

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