Top 10 App Store Most Downloaded Free Apps on April 2021 (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Apple recently officially announced the list of the most downloaded free apps in Q2 2021. Not surprisingly, social networking apps make up the bulk of the list, followed by entertainment apps like listen to music online, watch movies … Join with APK-LIVE to explore the Top 10 App Store Most Downloaded free apps on April 2021! For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 App Store Most Downloaded Free Apps on April 2021

4. Messenger

Owner: Facebook Inc.
Category: OTT chat
Rating: 4.0 stars
Link: iOS

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging software application and service that shares text and voice communication. Integrated on Facebook’s chat application and built on the MQTT protocol. Messenger allows Facebook users to chat with friends on both the mobile and the main website. Integrated on Facebook’s Chat application and built on the MQTT protocol, Messenger allows Facebook users to chat with their friends on both mobile phones and the main website.

Since Messenger was separated from Facebook as a standalone application, Facebook has continuously improved and expanded its capabilities. Messenger today can help you make free video calls like FaceTime, share your current location with friends, send money and many more. Companies have also recently started using Messenger for customer support, making it an extremely effective daily communication tool for many people around the world.

Specific features

  • Sign in with a phone number: You don’t have to use Facebook to use Messenger. You can easily register and log in to this messenger using your phone number, even after locking your Facebook account.
  • Chat with strangers: Combined with Chatible, Facebook Messenger has introduced the feature to chat with strangers without revealing the identities of both people. Go to the Facebook Messenger search and type “Chatible” to enable the feature.
  • Change separate icons: The messenger allows users to change the theme color as well as default emoticons. And more specifically, changing the nickname will help you get more excited when using Messenger.
  • Turn off / show notifications: If you are bothered by your phone vibrating and buzzing with message notifications in a series of chat groups, a few extremely simple buttons will “rescue” you. There are many modes to turn off notifications at a specific time for you to choose from.
  • Keep your conversation confidential: Concerned about your information and conversations being read-in? Facebook messenger offers users an option to encrypt their conversations to ensure privacy.
  • High-quality video recording: You can take short videos of up to 15 seconds to send to friends, similar to Snapchat used to. Your job is to access Camera on Messenger. Hold down the shutter button to record the video, and release when you’re done recording.

advanced features

  • Send and receive money: The latest feature from Messenger brings convenience to users, through the method of linking with a bank wallet, you can quickly transfer your account to your friends and vice versa. Currently, the money transfer feature is only available in some major countries such as the US and European countries.
  • Simple group calling: Facebook messenger offers users the ability to have group chat. You can exchange information with your chat group through free calls.
  • Group poll, vote: Is a unique new feature that has been well received. The group poll function allows users to conduct miniature “referendums” in their chat groups to consult participants for a common task or plan.
  • Share real-time location:
  • A tool to help users or visitors here and there easily share location and “Check-in” exactly. The location map of the area is always updated regularly by Facebook Messenger.

5. Facebook

Owner: Facebook Inc.
Category: social networks
Rating: 4.2 stars
Link: iOS

Most Downloaded Free Apps

Facebook is a social networking website operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc., company. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with friends who were computer science students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes when Mark was a student at Harvard University. With the social network Facebook, you can make friends with your friends in many different relationships such as city, workplace, school … Facebook is a place for people to update their profile page. personally, write down your concerns, feelings .. and let your friends know about them.

You can share your photos, interests or anything related to you so your friends know. Facebook is the bridge connecting with longtime friends because they can find each other. You just have a Facebook account, you can post pictures, you can chat with your friends, update your profile or change anything about you in just 1 minute.

The facebook name name after scrapbooks used to name members of the campus community. Some US universities and colleges give new students to the school, departments, and staff to obtain. can get to know each other on campus. Currently, Facebook has more than 1 billion active members worldwide. With that number, Facebook is the most popular social network, followed by MySpace and Twitter.

6. Emoji>

Owned company: Bitstrips
Category: entertainment
Rating: 4.0 stars
Link: iOS

Most Downloaded Free Apps

Emoji> is known as a software that specializes in creating comic-style stickers. And recently, users can officially experience Emoji> when using the world famous chat application Snapchat.

Expressing yourself through the virtual keyboard on a smartphone is the idea behind Emoji app>. Usually the keyboard is only letters, numbers, characters, or moreover, a few very boring emoji symbols, with Emoji> it is different. It will allow you to choose an avatar for yourself, customize your face / hair, then use it as a fun picture to send to your friends.

Overall, Emoji> is a keyboard full of funny shapes, with no letters or numbers here. That helps smartphone users less boring, helping them relax as well as helping relatives and friends feel happier when chatting with each other.

Emoji> has a total of 6 categories: new icons section, question characters, happy characters, happy characters, boring / fretting characters and congratulation characters. an event. Emoji> is a free app for iOS.

It is part-2 of the Top 10 App Store Most Downloaded Free Apps on April 2021 by APK-LIVE. If you are using an iPhone, quickly download the above applications to your device and experience. Wish you have interesting experiences.