Top 10 best Android online games in May 2021 (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Android online games – It’s the end of May this year. A series of Android online games are very hot with many different genres attracting gamers around the world. Below, APK-LIVE would like to introduce to you the best mobile games in May 2021 waiting for you to discover. For more news and information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 best Android online games in May 2021

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Although it has only been released (less than 6 months), but recently, gamers around the world have been able to download this good game for their smartphones on both Google Play app stores. Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS/iPadOS). Especially on the Playstore app store, Wild Rift is currently leading the list of the most downloaded online games.

Because this is the official Wild Rift version for the international market, players can completely create an account and log in to the game easily, instead of having to use VPN software to fake IP ( to server, Korea…) as before.

Experience a 5-vs-5 MOBA with pure skills and tactics in Riot Games’ League of Legends, now completely rebuilt for mobile devices. With smooth controls and fast-paced gameplay, you can team up with friends, lock your champion, and perform epic stunts.

Immerse yourself in Wild Rift to experience an arena full of skills and tactics in Riot Games’ League of Legends, now more perfect than ever. With smooth controls and fast-paced gameplay, you can team up with friends, lock your champion, and perform epic stunts.

You can master the arena and become a legend with a series of different generals and dynamic, ever-changing tactics. Every match will be an opportunity for you to unleash your perfect directional skill, turn the game around with great teamwork or successfully perform an outstanding pentakill.

At the same time, the same victory only comes to those who know how to coordinate with their teammates in this mobile MOBA game. Whether it’s duos, triples, or an entire team of 5, you can join the queue with your friends to climb the ranks and destroy the enemy Town Hall.

Android online games

Let’s start the battle

Rush into the battlefield with a giant sword, freeze enemies in the way with ice arrows that fly across the map, or lure opponents to death with magical enchantments. For every page of legendary history you write, there will always be a suitable champion.

Go head-to-head in matches that are fair in both skill and team size. All heroes can be obtained in Wild Rift and you will never have to pay to play or power up. Even if it’s just 1 cent.

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2. Area F2

Game Area F2 is currently one of the best mobile games 2020 on phones. Players can role-play many characters with many different skills. Weapons to fight are also all “terrible”, the most advanced. In addition, you can also take advantage of the wall system and drones to probe the enemy’s situation.

Area F2 or Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is the most attractive mobile platform action game today. A special feature of Area F2 is that the map system is only for close combat situations in a narrow space. This is the first element to appear on mobile games, both increasing the attractiveness and excitement for gamers.

Currently, players in some countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine and Mexico have been able to download Area F2 on both Android and Android platforms. iOS. Players in Vietnam, although not on this list, can easily download Area F2 with just a few simple steps.

Developer Area F2 calls this the world’s first 5v5 Close Quarter Battle FPS shooting game on mobile devices. And it seems to be true. Players who are currently enjoying the Closed Beta of the game have referred to Area F2 as the mobile version of Rainbow Seige Six.

Android online games

Strong foundation

Developed by Qookka Games – Area F2 will include all types of close-quarter combat. In Area F2, players will be divided into two factions, acting as attackers and defenders. Gamers can specify a character in a variety of options, each character will have a unique skill.

The typical gameplay of this shooting game is Area F2 that allows players to destroy almost everything from roofs to walls or allows gamers to use a different approach to surprise enemies. The enemy is trying to defend the house. Area F2 now available on both iOS and Android.

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3. Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is a variant of a PC game called Dota Auto Chess. The game mechanics of Auto Chess Mobile are the same as the Dota Auto Chess version. Gamers can buy items, track opponents before starting the match…

Gamers are no stranger to dramatic action games, role-playing games with glorious battles. The constant change of generals Auto Chess Mobile creates more attraction for this best mobile game.

Auto Chess – Infinite ways to play chess is the mobile strategy game that brought the most innovative and exciting experiences to genre the Auto Chess in 2019. This is the original game developed by Dragonest & Drodo Studio for the mobile platform, published officially and exclusively by Dragonest.

Great gameplay

The game is designed based on the familiar 8×8 chessboard, on which players arrange chess pieces with various skills to form the most compelling strategies. Each chess piece represents a different hero and fights automatically following the unique and fascinating strategy that the player has set out. Each piece has its own characteristics and fighting techniques, and when 3 pieces of the same type are collected, you can upgrade them into a higher-leveled piece with stronger power and skills.

By collecting and utilizing well each hero card and taking on the other 7 players to form a full-on battle, you win by being the last man standing.

The disappearance of generals in Auto Chess Mobile such as Stone Spirit, Skull Hunter, and then Phantom Queen has forced players to find new tactics or build new squads based on strange, even never used races. . That is also the reason that Auto Chess Mobile is present in the best Android online games in May 2021.

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