Top 13 smartphone apps that can change your life (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Apps that can change your life – You use your phone every day for web surfing, check-in, chat… But have not made full use of the unexpected benefits it brings. Let’s APK-LIVE dive into part-2 of the Top 13 apps on smartphones that can help you on your daily life. For more information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 13 smartphone apps that can change your life

5. Online shopping app with Amazon

The era of technology takes the throne, the trend of buying online is increasingly popular. Another great advantage of buying online is the flexibility of shopping. Since the online store has no holidays, closings or any other problem. You can also be proactive about when to shop. Whenever, anywhere, even 1 noon or 12 o’clock at night, you can still surf the web and place an order, regardless of the opening hours of the shopping centers.

For those who are busy who do not have much time to shop, this is considered the biggest advantage of online shopping service. Instead, you wander for hours to the shopping malls. Simply, you can sit at home and choose your favorite item by clicking. It only takes you 10 to 25 minutes to find the item you need and then the staff will quickly deliver to you.

One of the best online shopping apps you can find on Android is the Amazon Appstore

apps that can change your life

Amazon Appstore

Amazon App is’s storefront for Android apps. Lets you shop, watch Amazon Prime movies and TV shows, download books, listen to music, and buy and install apps directly to your device without using Google Play.

The Amazon Appstore works similarly to Google Play – it offers a storefront from which you can shop; download apps, music, and books; plus watching Amazon Prime movies and TV shows on your mobile device. You will be able to enjoy many of the same features on Amazon’s website, such as user reviews, similar products, and even interact with customer support.

Easy access

Looking at the options menu for the Amazon App, you’ll see links to apps you’ve downloaded, personalized recommendations, and a few other admin tools. There are also links to view your recently viewed items and those you have saved for later.

In short, Amazon for Android is a beautiful app. Sometimes developers have special deals with Amazon, and this is the only way to access these offers.

The only thing we really don’t like is that you have to be signed in to use the service – worry if you allow your kids to play games downloaded through the app and you have a credit card attached to your account. mine.

You can download Amazon Appstore here

6. App to call taxi, ship goods

In the era of technological advancement, finding shipper has also become simpler. Shipping application is indispensable for shop owners or shoppers who do not have time to shop. You just need to sit at home to receive the goods in the shortest time.

Currently on the market, there are also many taxi companies and among them many companies allow users to order a taxi online through car booking applications in the North American market. Famous among them are Uber, Lyft, Bolt, … and most recently, Taxibeat’s Beat is very convenient for people to travel with reasonable prices and regularly has promotions for customer.

apps that can change your life

What is Lyft?

Lyft is headquartered in San Francisco and is a network transport company. Lyft operates in more than 300 US cities and provides more than 18 million rides per month (October 2017). Users will need to download the Lyft mobile app and register with a valid phone number and enter the form of payment they want to make.

The user can then request a ride from a nearby driver. Once confirmed, the app will display the driver’s name, rating, and photo of the driver and vehicle. Drivers and passengers can also add personal information such as music preferences to encourage conversation during the trip. After the ride, the driver will have the opportunity to offer a bonus that will also be calculated according to the riders’ preferred payment method.

There are four types of games provided by the application. They are Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Lux, Lyft Premier.

  • Lyft Line – This is the cheapest option available in Lyft. Passengers traveling on the same route can share the same trip.
  • Lyft – This is Lyft’s budget option where a daily car has room for 4 passengers to pick you up.
  • Plus – This is a conventional vehicle with room for up to 6 passengers.
  • Premier – This offers higher quality vehicles than other Lyft options. This includes seats for up to 4 passengers.

Lyft offers insurance under a $ 1 million commercial liability policy. There are also additional beverages available.

You can download Lyft here

7. Online storage software – Dropbox

The form of online storage is not too unfamiliar to all of us. Online storage will help a lot to protect your important data, especially customer information data. The reason for the backup is extremely practical: backup against the risk of data loss. The risk of information loss on the computer is always lurking; Here are a few situations that can be called catastrophic: fire, theft, damage or even accidental deletion. Traditional backup tools, such as tapes, CDs or DVDs, take the same level of risk as storing them on a personal computer.

The backup job is done automatically, so you don’t need to worry about it. Data is stored elsewhere. In the event of a natural disaster or disaster, such as a fire, both the computer and the storage tools can be destroyed, which is not a risk if you use online backup. Actually these are great advantages that you can refer to to use convenient online storage applications.

As you all know, there are many cloud storage tools that users prefer to use such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, … But Dropbox is still one of the applications that capture a lot of love from users. Most, how to create an account and how to use the app is also very easy.

The main feature of Dropbox

  • Help users store, edit and share files, documents, images…
  • When a document is saved to Dropbox, it has been backed up, if you accidentally delete the document, rest assured because Dropbox has archived the backup and easily restore the document.
  • Mark files as important and get quick access when needed.
  • Work offline feature makes it possible to continue working on files even without a network connection. This is extremely useful when you have network problems or have to constantly move without a 3G / 4G connection.
  • The selective sync feature helps you to save significantly on storage space. You just need to choose a few important folders to back up to your computer instead of selecting all of them.
  • The Dropbox Paper feature creates a workspace for the team to help you and your colleagues communicate ideas and discussions online.