10 latest Android app creation follow latest tech trend (part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

With the outstanding development of science and technology today, you absolutely have your own app creation on the Android operating system platform. This seems to be only possible for people who have deep knowledge of programming.

However, with the App creation app you can completely own your own application according to your own ideas. So let wait no longer, because the following top 10 Android App creation apps below to be able to suggest choices for you. For more news and information, you can check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 latest Android app creation follow latest tech trend

1. Android Studio

Price: Free download

app creation

This is an app that supports the design and construction of mobile Apps on the Android operating system. It is the latest update of Eclips Studio made by Google and JetBrains to bring many convenient features to users such as:

  • The Gradle build system is versatile and easy to use;
  • Very fast and rich emulator with many functions;
  • The highly integrated environment makes it possible to design and build apps that run on any Android device;
  • The Instant Run feature helps push changes into the application you’re running. As a result, the user does not have to create another APK;
  • Sample code and GitHub integration makes it possible for users to design many common features for the application and to enter a simpler sample code;
  • Extensive testing tools and frameworks;
  • Lint tools are used to control performance, optimization in use, version compatibility and many other problems with the operation;
  • Supports C ++ and NDK software;
  • The Google Cloud Platform-enabled app makes tools like Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine easier to integrate;
    With just one click you can integrate Firebase into your designed application.

Link download: here

2. App Inventor

Price: Free download

app creation

This is an open source web application originally made by Google and up to now, App Inventor is maintained and developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This tool allows programmers to create an App on the Android operating system.

The usage of this platform is quite simple, mainly using drag-and-drop code blocks to build applications running on Android. Currently, the iOS version of this platform has started to be tested by the developer and achieved much desirable success.

The main goal of App Inventor is to provide a utility application for programmers and to assist those who do not have a deep knowledge of programming to create their own applications. This application is shared right on your Google account, you just need to visit the website of MIT to enter your account information and execute your idea.

Note: This is one of the most famous app creation on the market right now. You can download directly from the website, or download via APK. Thank and be sure to check that more.

Link download: here

3. AppTeng

Price: Free download

This is an application running in the web environment used to create Android App according to the available modules and you can fully customize the function according to use.

AppTeng allows the programming of mobile App become easier and simpler. You don’t have to be a real developer to make your own App.

The application’s interface is quite simple, just drag and drop along with the text to create a mobile application within minutes on AppStore and CHPlay. During operation, you can easily customize, change interface colors, … whenever needed. All steps are performed on the application dashboard.

The outstanding advantages of AppTeng deserve to be in the top 10 of the latest quality Android App creation apps on the market, including:

  • You can use this application for free for life without having to pay anything.
  • Number of App created is completely unlimited. You can build hundreds or thousands of applications according to your needs. All App is easily compatible and works well on CH Play and AppStore.
  • You can add multiple ads for unlimited income right on your mobile App
  • The app dashboard is known to be one of AppTeng’s coolest features.

Oops, that is all for today. So thank you for your watching haha.

Link download: here

4. Swiftic / Como

Price: Free download

app creation

Recently, Swifitic was renamed Como with the ability to build apps quickly whether or not you are equipped with the basics of programming. This tool is rated as one of the 10 latest Android App creation apps with many features that help you make money and attract many potential customers.

The whole App creation process only needs 3 main steps and many themes are classified separately. You just need to choose a category and a theme that meets your requirements.

Using Como you can also experience the next generation of analytics for easy app performance monitoring. So, when you see the interface is quite simple with only 2 main steps, drag and drop to bring convenience to the user. Not only that, Como also brings features such as user reviews, RSS feeds, social feeds, custom interfaces, …

Also, you can set to download source code directly from any other playform. So…. much easy right?

Link download: here

5. Appery

Price: Free download

Appery helps users to build their own Android App in a very short time extremely quickly. You absolutely do not need to use any code or install any other platform.

App is made exclusively on Cloud with a drag-and-drop interface compatible with a large number of users. This is a very suitable application for building Android App with built-in components.

Appery gives users a plugin system for you to easily perform many simple functions. You can also create app-specific plugins. And with that result, you can easily share more projects with partners, customers and other developers in real time.

Link download: here

This is part-1 of  the top 10 latest Android App creation apps. These apps is highly appreciated by many developers for their quality and attractive features that APK-LIVE, a website specializing in downloading apps. karma to you

And so, it is definitely suggestions that you should not ignore when looking for an application to create your own App on the Android operating system platform.