7 best email apps for Android in Q2 2021 (2)

By | September 17, 2021

These Android email clients are better than the ones that come pre-installed on Android. Let’s see if you have one of the following best email apps?

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, there’s a good chance that an email client came pre-installed on your device when you first bought it. However, that email client might not have the features you want, and there are plenty of other Android email apps in the Google Play Store to choose from. So how do you know which apps are the best?

To help you find the one that best suits your needs, APK-LIVE present to you a comprehensive list of the best email apps for Android.

7 best email apps for Android in Q2 2021

4. All Email Access

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All Email Access is an email app for Android that allows you to connect to your multiple email accounts from a single app – it also creates a powerful link between mail and phone calls, and identifies callers, with mail options directly from the caller ID screen.

In this fast-moving mobile age, you need quick email login access and better ways to manage your inbox. This easy-to-use e-mail app simplifies email login and allows you to manage various email accounts with a single click.

What sets All Email Access apart from other email apps is the smart Caller ID. It identifies callers in real-time, even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. The link between calls and emails means you can also easily and instantly send emails to the caller or access your emails directly after the call ends.

If you have multiple email addresses from multiple email service providers, All Email Access is the app you need. The app is compatible with more than 50 email providers and allows you to integrate all of your email accounts into a single app, but not so great. The app is also quite useful though, and the “Caller ID” feature integrated with Mail is a handy tool when you need to access mail options from the call ID screen.


Multiple mail services can be accessed from one application.

Access to many email providers through the app is not available on most other email clients.

Smart caller ID is a great add-on that works in real time.


It is difficult to choose an All Email Access account for email when sharing content from other devices or websites.

Confusing user interface.

Link download: Android

5. ProtonMail

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Today, security is more important than ever when it comes to digital life. With hackers, spammers and countless security breaches, you’re never really safe. So when it comes to email communications, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

ProtonMail gives you the security you need, by providing an encrypted email account and other security settings to keep email safe. At the same time, you will also get the features you expect in an email service.

If sensitive information is contained in your email, email encryption is a must. ProtonMail is one of the most well-known and trusted email service providers around. The free account allows users to register for an email address and send up to 150 encrypted emails per day.

For most users, that’s more than enough. The recipient doesn’t need to be a ProtonMail member to receive or decrypt the email, and the email encryption process is simple. Only users whose password you provide can open encrypted email.


Ability to send encrypted emails for
to anyone and automatically encrypt messages to other ProtonMail users.

A message is set a time limit for the recipient of the message to review.

Customizable swipe gestures let you set up how email is managed with just one swipe


Some features are only available in the Pro version.

Storage for the free account is 500MB, with the option to purchase additional storage.

Link download: Android

6. Nine Email and Calendar

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If what you want is an email client with a good user interface, simple and easy to use, then Nine Email and Calendar might be the right choice for you. The app has the most popular features of an email client, including an email editor, global email address and includes calendar and contacts functionality, but nothing groundbreaking in this app, everything simple and easy to use email.

Nine Email and Calendar supports multiple accounts and uses SSL security, but perhaps the most appealing feature of this email client for some users is that it’s not cloud-based. Email and account information are not stored in the cloud, they are stored on your device, which means you never have to worry about a cloud-based security breach that you have no control over. OK.


Automatic email setup for multiple translations
email services, including Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Online and more.

Includes Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

Supports Android Wear.


Auto sync doesn’t work well when roaming.

Not a free app. There is a two-week free trial available.

7. Tutanota

Tutanota is an encrypted email service. It doesn’t sync with existing email accounts, but you can use this email account to send encrypted emails or you can disable encryption for normal emails.

A very nice feature of Tutanota is the password required to set up the app on your Android device. Unlike other mail providers, Tutanota requires users to create a strong password to complete account setup. So don’t have any fear that bad guys might discover your password.

As with other encrypted email accounts, the recipient of the email doesn’t need to be a Tutanota user to have access to the messages you send. As long as the recipient has the password you use for the email, they can access it from the web interface.

The free account includes 1GB of storage (not expandable) and allows for one account registration. Free account users also have limited search capabilities. Unlimited use of anonymity, settings, and inbox filters and unlimited search are available to users in Tutanota’s premium plan.


Encryption is automatically enabled for
every message you send, but you can disable this feature if not needed.

The sent unencrypted email is still stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers.

Even attachments are automatically encrypted unless disabled.


Cannot attach files in bulk, each file must be selected and attached separately.

Not synchronized with other mail services.

Some features are available in the paid version only.

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