Best Android games updated on May 2021 (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Android games updated – Mobile games are growing and diverse, so you can’t play each game one by one to choose a satisfactory game? Follow the article below, I will introduce to you the top 10 Best Android games updated on May 2021, chosen by many gamers. For more news and information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Best Android games updated on May 2021

7. Arena of Valor

While Arena of Valor Mobile (AOV) is enjoying a lot of success both in terms of revenue for Tencent as well as social influence, there are quite a few players in other eSports disciplines that are quite resentful every day. when you see someone playing a game currently published by Garena around the world.

People who rate AOV as a “junk” game often only play it a few times, or play it but don’t fit, so the results are quite bad compared to friends. But it could also be gamers who often play PC and mobile games with top-notch graphics, pioneering features and gameplay in each genre, so it’s understandable not to have sympathy for Arena of Valor.

But if the number 1 mobile MOBA game in the world is “junk”, where are the top super products standing? Here are 5 reasons to affirm that AOV is a real masterpiece, not “junk”, and are also 5 factors that Vainglory, Mobile Legends, Onmyoji Arena, Heroes Arena,… sometimes never will. reachable.

The quality of champions has a variety of difficulty

This first factor is a rebuttal to many childish opinions that climbing the AOV rank is easy. Or that “AOV masters are only equal to League of Legends Gold”. The quality of champions in the current AOV game is spread across many groups, with equally diverse levels of difficulty in use. There are generals who just need to apply a simple game style Hit and Run (hit and run) like Valhein, Yorn, Tel’Annas … but there are generals where you have to launch extremely standard skill combos to promote the effect. such as Murad, The Flash, Omen.

Later, the number of generals in the game has higher difficulty when it requires the user to patiently accumulate super powers (Superman), base the distance when the summoned beast jumps to attack (Arum),… Obviously, if you are just a newbie who has played every… Valhein and says that high rank is only for “young buffalo” then it is really “frog at the bottom of the well”. As time goes on, more generals, so the number of banned generals also increases, gamers submitting to Master, Challenger in the game also have to adapt to the change, which is obvious that they have to practice dozens of champions with high difficulty .

Game production is becoming more and more professional

Many people decry AOV graphics inferior to Vainglory in all aspects. That is the correct assessment. But what does it mean when the graphics are better but the revenue and social influence are far behind AOV? If you are Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and criticize Arena of Valor, it is understandable. But in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Lien Quan Mobile and its original (King of Glory) are still unmatched.

For those who have been with AOV since it first appeared until version 1.30 will see how much the game has “evolved”. The default costumes of dozens of generals, which were considered plagiarism, have now been “operated” by Timi. The production process of Arena of Valor is also meticulously invested in the production stage. When the champion is voiced by famous music artists, even made into a short film. While the interface, images, effects in the 5v5 map have also been changed, making anyone admit that it has become much more beautiful than before. If you have played AOV on the Nintendo Switch platform, you will see how vivid the game’s graphics are.

8. Free Fire (MAX edition)

After a lot of testing at different servers, on December 7, Free Fire MAX will launch the official version. Many Free Fire gamers have tested this new version. But there are also many gamers who have not yet touched Free Fire MAX. Now, let’s review Free Fire MAX in the most honest way. And we can see what’s special in this version of Free Fire that causes a global storm!

Graphics are upgraded to the maximum

The first thing that “catches the eyes” of Free Fire MAX users is the unprecedented and beautiful graphics and images. From the costumes, gun skins in the store, the characters in the lobby or the ingame images are all beautiful. Sometime shimmering and completely superior to the Free Fire that gamers have ever known.

With a survival shooter game, graphics are always one of the factors that attract and retain gamers. And through actual experience, the normal graphics level of Free Fire MAX must also be on par with super high graphics – the maximum graphics configuration of Free Fire normally.

Hearing this, many gamers want to immediately download Free Fire MAX, but there are still many interesting things in this version of Free Fire!

Is the Free Fire version “familiar but strange, strange but familiar”

Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version from the latest one. So, in addition to the graphics, the character effects: running posture, changing bullets, aiming … are also redone. Not only that, the effects of the game such as sparks, fire, etc. are also upgraded like in professional tournaments. So the feeling of playing Free Fire MAX will be very new for many people.

This smooth effect and reworked in every smallest detail. But the core of the Free Fire MAX version is still Free Fire and the gameplay. It is what makes the brand of this game remains the same. So this is why saying Free Fire MAX is both strange and familiar to gamers.

Free Fire MAX is run in parallel with Free Fire, accounts and items are preserved

Quite a few gamers are worried that they will have to “play again from the beginning” with Free Fire MAX. Even delete the old Free Fire account that has been attached for a long time, but this is not accurate. Gamer’s account is synchronized data in both normal Free Fire and Free Fire MAX versions. And so, all information, items are preserved.

In addition, gamers playing Free Fire MAX and Free Fire can often still play together. We can participating in all modes because of the same server. So don’t worry about having to change anything in this new version!

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