Top 17 best music apps on iOS in April 2021 (1)

By | September 17, 2021

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and even Apple Watch and Airpod are all devices that can bring you a great music experience. Today, APK-LIVE would like to present this article to introduce to you the Top 17 best music apps on iOS in April 2021, including the best online and offline!

Top 17 best music apps on iOS in April 2021

1. Amazon Music

This is an online music service developed to compete with some platforms from rival manufacturers such as Spotify or Apple Music. Similar to today’s music players, Amazon Music has a simple interface and the ability to quickly sync through Amazon’s data store. In addition, also integrating some other quite useful tools and features.

Amazon Music has just officially introduced its free music streaming package, Amazon Music Free. Users can listen to the hottest playlists selected by Amazon along with thousands of music stations based on genres, artists … with about 2 million free songs. Listening for free, of course, users are forced to listen to more ads and cannot choose directly the songs they want, similar to Spotify’s free plan. Users were able to directly visit ‘’ to test the experience.

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced a free ad-supported music streaming package for Echo speakers and Alexa-enabled devices. And recently the free music package has expanded for everyone to support iOS, Android, Fire TV and web browser for PC users. Users can listen to top playlists and music stations based on artists, genres, and popular songs. However, users cannot choose to listen to a song directly and the songs will be played randomly and cannot choose, if you want to listen to a song directly, you need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited (HD). Additionally, those who have subscribed to Amazon Prime can choose from 2 million songs for free and will also have no ads. This is one of the best music apps now.

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2. Apple Music

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Perhaps Apple Music is one of the fairly familiar applications for iOS users. However, recently Apple has released the first version for Android devices with an eye-catching interface and the Equalizer system allows you to choose presets suitable for many genres of music such as classical, hip hop, heavy metal etc. … or you can manually customize the levels to achieve the sound you want. In addition, you can also adjust the bass gain and surround sound.

Apple Music is a digital music subscription service that allows users to subscribe to online music in the form of streaming or listening again (download). Apple said that in the early stages of Apple’s digital music store there were more than 30 million tracks.

Testing Apple Music, digital music stores including golden music albums, pre-war music … The search function supports both unsigned and accented Vietnamese language, music search results and accurate albums. One of the best music apps right now.

Who is Apple Music for?

This service is for everyone, not limited to Apple device users. Apple Music service will be available on a variety of devices and operating system platforms, including: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 8.4 or later), Apple Watch smartwatch (WatchOS), Mac models (OS X – latest iTunes update) and Windows PC (new iTunes update). Particularly, Android mobile devices must wait until the third quarter.

For everyone who pays $ 9.99 / month or a family plan (up to 6 people) is $ 14.99 / month with a three-month free trial. However, this fee varies in different markets.

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3. Spotify Music

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Spotify Music is one of the hugely popular music players. With this application, you can enjoy, discover and share millions of songs anywhere and anytime you want; Create and share your playlists, or let Spotify recommend you some great playlists.

This is an online music streaming platform similar to Apple Music. The difference of this application lies in its ability to support cross-platform music, allowing users to listen to music online. Users easily search for an artist or genre of music they love in seconds.

According to 2017 statistics, the Spotify app is the music streaming service with the largest number of users globally. In second place is Apple Mucsic with 27 million paid users. Spotify application launched in October 2008 and after more than 2 years of operation has more than 10 million users. Including 2.5 million paid users.

By the end of 2012, this app had grown to 20 million users, of which 5 million paid. By early 2015, this number reached 60 million users, of which 15 million paid users. To date, Spotify has a growing number of users to 140 million monthly users. Including up to 60 million paid users.

Download music from Spotify?

With the Spotify Premium application, users can download music to listen to music when there is no internet. Of course, this method is not the same as the traditional way of downloading music. Specifically, users cannot experience Spotify by downloading an album, then canceling the Premium package. Besides, users are not allowed to download songs to copy to other devices or burn to CD.

The idea of ​​letting users listen to music offline on the Spotify app is to allow them access to their favorite songs. When the user does not have the Internet to connect. With the Spotify Premium package, users can listen to 3,333 of their favorite songs offline.

Downloading songs, playlists on this application is quite simple. Users just need to click on the word “save” (save) on the album is able to download to your device. Besides, you click on the three dots next to the song and then click on the “save to library” on your computer or phone.

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4. Marvis Music Player

If you own an iPhone, surely you will not be able to ignore the Marvis Music Player application. This is the most popular music player with many free utilities for iPhone. You can replace the boring default iPhone look. You will enjoy the Marvis Music Player music player application because it has a shimmering and modern interface.

Marvis Music Player is a music player with beautiful design and unique interactive interfaces. Help users to experience music in a more enjoyable way. This application provides 7 settings for arranging songs. You can add many other options on your screen.

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