7 best email apps for Android in Q2 2021 (1)

By | September 17, 2021

These Android email clients are better than the ones that come pre-installed on Android. Let’s see if you have one of the following best email apps?

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, there’s a good chance that an email client came pre-installed on your device when you first bought it. However, that email client might not have the features you want, and there are plenty of other Android email apps in the Google Play Store to choose from. So how do you know which apps are the best?

To help you find the one that best suits your needs, APK-LIVE present to you a comprehensive list of the best email apps for Android.

7 best email apps for Android in Q2 2021

1. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a well-designed, free email client that offers a lot of great features. The app works with many email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook, Office 365 and more.

In addition, Blue Mail also offers support for IMAP, POP3 and Exchange and has automatic configuration. Setting up an account in Blue Mail is extremely simple. Blue Mail also offers support for many different email accounts.

Blue helps you know that email is really important. Avoid having to remember unnecessary emails or boring searching for them on your mobile device. This way you will never miss an important email. It really simplifies your email experience!

  1. Quickly mark up your emails for AFTER handling and set up reminders so you won’t miss them
  2. When you’re done processing an email, you can quickly mark them DONE leaving them aside and you don’t need to delete it or the inbox has no new messages by using smart filters
  3. When you reply to an email, you can choose whether or not it is automatically marked Done

Additional features:

  • Dark theme automatically changes from day to night mode.
  • Rich email signature allows to use text and images.
  • Compatible with Android Wear watches.
  • Customize the swipe menu and check email for easy email management.
  • Mark emails to be read later and set reminders so you don’t miss them. When you have read a new email, mark the message as done to control the mailbox.
  • Easy to use email filters.


The “People Centric” feature allows you to focus your inbox on direct mail. The interface is well designed for easy navigation. The “Intelligent Counter” feature allows an icon to display all unread emails or only new unread emails. Preview allows you to mark a message as “read” or “deleted” without opening the app.


Apps may crash, especially right after an update may ask you to uninstall and reinstall to resolve the issue and restore functionality.

Link download: Android

2. Gmail

Gmail is the most widely used email client on Android devices. It works very smoothly on Android and is completely free. The app is also integrated with other Google services, and works well on Android devices.

Gmail is Google’s free email service. You can sign up, create a Gmail account at mail.google.com. Currently, Gmail is the most used email address because of its convenience and also because more and more people know what Gmail is.

When Gmail was first launched, Gmail’s growth was limited by a limited policy of inviting friends to create accounts. This helps Gmail maintain its reputation as a premium email service. However, after that, Gmail changed its strategy and on February 14, 2007, Gmail canceled the policy of limiting the number of people opening accounts. Since then, Gmail has become the largest email service in the world, surpassing both Yahoo Mail and Hotmail hit once. And to better understand what Gmail is, let’s take a look at some Gmail features.

For users with multiple email accounts, Gmail is compatible with services like Outlook.com and Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP or POP email accounts.

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Additional features:

  • Gmail Offline allows you to access email and prioritize email to send when your device is back online.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and Google Tasks, making it easy to manage and organize.
  • User-friendly autoresponder configuration.
  • Many custom themes.
  • Integration with Google Pay payments.


Easily import mail from other accounts and send mail from Gmail if you use multiple accounts. The “Undo” feature allows you to retrieve sent or deleted emails.

Effective search options, including advanced search and sender filtering options. 15GB of email storage.

Easily customize settings. Excellent spam filter.


Frequent changes and updates to the Gmail user interface can be tiring for users to constantly get used to new features.

Since Gmail is a Google app, some users have privacy concerns regarding the user information Google collects.

More and more advertisements.

Link download: Android

3. Aqua Mail

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Like many other Android email clients, Aqua Mail allows you to connect to a variety of email services, including Gmail, hotmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and Exchange Mail. Aqua Mail has a simple installation and is customizable.

This app also integrates with many third-party utilities, to expand the usability and functionality of email services.

Aqua Mail is an uncommon application that aggregates all your email needs, whether this is your personal email job, a corporate exchange server or even a rare secondary account. used. This app allows you to easily access all your emails from one complete app.

No need to set up too complicated, just enter your email and password and you’re done with the first step. Then you can work with all the famous mail services including Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange …

With flexibility and vast customization options Aqua Mail’s goal is to reflect the needs of modern users and provide a platform for anyone to adapt to their flexible needs.

In addition, this mail manager will help users edit messages with many text editing tools such as bold, italic, underline or font size correction ..

Additional features:

  • Customizable signatures include text and images.
  • Integration with Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Many custom themes.


Easily select multiple emails by swiping down the left side of the screen.

Intuitive, easy to navigate. Color labels for easy management.

Display customized message and message list according to font size and color of email separators.