The best men apps on your smartphone (part 2)

By | September 17, 2021

Modern life requires men to always try to develop themselves. And there are many apps on the phone that can support that. Instead of surfing Facebook or playing games all day, you can install best men apps introduced by APK-LIVE below to develop yourself better. Here are the part-1 of this series of “best men apps on your smartphone”

The best men apps on your smartphone

6. Money Lover

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Money Lover is a personal financial management app. I helps users track details of revenues and expenditures, plan spending on smartphones and computers. The application has the ability to provide reports, reminders and tips to help users build smart and planned consumption habits. Money Lover is also the first app in SEA to help users automatically track and categorize transactions from various sources. Such as SMS, invoice, email and bank account. Money Lover is available on Android, iOS, Windows and in the browser.

Developed in 2012 by a group of young startups, Money Lover is now the world’s leading application in personal finance management. The application has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and received the love of users from many countries such as Vietnam, America, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, …

Link download: iOS, Android

7. TED

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TED application is very user oriented, and quite handy. The videos on the system are categorized according to topics that help you less time searching. Many such as: science, astronomy, medicine, literature, education or music. You will unleash the experience of a huge video store with useful knowledge in life with an application called TED.

TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. It is developed based on the slogan here of community: “ideas worth spreading”. The app is a place where users and presenters can freely share their own confessions and perspectives on life, love, family, friends … or whatever. Initiated and started operating in 1984, up to now, TED application has owned 1700 TED talks on the system, and with that it has developed with 22 different native languages.


Talking about the plus points on this TED app. Tt must be said that it owns quite high video quality, sharp images, good sound. But that is not the biggest advantage of this application, the fact that it supports sub-translation for up to 22 languages, and Vietnam is no exception. So you will not have to struggle to find vietsub for your favorite videos anymore. And it is extremely handy for those with poor English or foreign language skills.

TED is an extremely useful application, this is not only a huge and diverse data warehouse for smartphone users, but also a teacher providing a lot of useful knowledge in many fields around the world. . You can listen to educational lectures, watch videos and even listen to audio lectures without having to be good at all languages. Simple user interface, easy to use it is suitable for all ages and quite different classes. Especially, all the content can be downloaded very easily, meeting the needs of offline use through AirPlay.

Link download: iOS, Android

8. Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker is the most easy-to-use habit creation machine you can find online. Why is habit important? Because a lot of people know what to do, but they don’t always want to. Struggling with yourself to decide whether or not to do or not takes a lot of energy, but if you follow the habit, it will be much simpler. The end result is that you will reach your goal if you keep in the habit for x days.

With Loop Habit Tracker, you just add what you want to do, the frequency (a few times a week), choose whether you need a reminder or not, choose more colorful for that task, and that’s it. By default the software will monitor you for 66 days to ensure the routine is formed. Then every day when you do something, type in it a tick mark, the rest has been handled by the application. Loop Habit Tracker is a clone of the more popular software, Habit Bull, but this copy tends to be better than the original because there are no ads, no feature limits, no redundant functionality.

Link download:  Android

9.iBooks (iOS)

iBooks is an online reading application and allows free access from iPhone, iPad. The iBooks app allows users to read the stories, novels that they love at no cost. iBooks has been built as a default application on iOS devices. Which, has increased the number of registered users compared to before. It is estimated 1 million new accounts are created per week.

iBooks is an app that specializes in ebook reading. Users can download works for free or buy other works from Apple’s book store. The large screens of iOS devices are also one of the reasons why iBooks account numbers increase rapidly. Because they are more suitable for reading.

Link download: iOS

10. Kindle (Android)

The Amazon Kindle app gives users access to millions of books right at hand. This is the app for people who love to read. Whether you’re a book reader, a newspaper reader or a news reader. If we pay a little attention, we will notice that readers have a habit of placing their fingers on the currently reading page. After that, quickly flipping through to preview the next unread pages and return to the old page in a very simple way. Understanding this trend of users, Amazon Mobile application company has released a number of completely new improvements for the Amazon Kindle reading application on mobile, in which the most typical feature is the Page function. Flip, allows users to quickly surf pages of books and return to their previous reading positions quickly based on familiar reading habits of human.

If you want to expand your library, the Kindle Store is just one touch away from the home screen. In the store, users will find Amazon’s catalog of books, magazines, and news. In addition, the Kindle app also manages children’s books, comic books and graphic novels. If the user isn’t ready to buy the entire book, Kindle allows you to preview the first chapter of any book before buying.

Link download: Android