Top 10 logo design apps on mobile for amateurs

By | September 17, 2021

For a business, designing a Logo requires a lot of research from color palettes to brand identity, … That’s why designing a logo by a professional designer is worth it. turn. However, for those of you who want to do a small project, a simple Logo design for a club or class, … these logos usually don’t last long, only appear and then disappear. Hiring a designer can be a bit expensive. Thankfully, amateurs can still create their own logos through a number of logo design apps available on the phone.

So, here is the list of Top 10 logo design apps on mobile for amateurs. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Top 10 logo design apps on mobile for amateurs

Logo Maker

Price: Free download

Logo Maker is a professional logo maker app for phones running on both Android and iOS.

This app offers a wide selection of fonts, graphic images that allow you to easily combine, resize and shape shapes to create a beautiful logo for your project. Finished products will be saved in two popular image formats, PNG and JPG.

Not only provided on mobile devices, but Logo Maker also launches on Windows Store, supports computers, tablets and phones running Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile. In addition, while it is completely free, the app also contains in-app purchases that allow you to remove ads and unlock all features.

Download link: Android


Price: Free download

logo design apps

When using the LogoScopic logo design app, at the first step you need to choose the appropriate symbol styles you want to use, expanding into your own logo from the start. The icons are divided into many themes and categories for you to choose from such as:

  • Pro (Professional / Business Icons)
  • Art
  • Lifestyle / Fashion
  • Human

Finally, you can further edit the font, size and alignment.

In particular, this app provides a lot of drag and drop tools that help you easily manipulate on mobile devices without many difficulties and obstacles and create the desired logo design. .

The app is free with a very limited selection of logos, only in the Iconic category. If you want to use and choose from more features, you can pay $ 4.99 to unlock the full range of options.

Link download: Android


Price: Free download

logo design apps

Assembly is a powerful and simple mobile logo creation app. Logo design from Assembly is not in touch and very creative. The biggest plus is that the app has a lot of templates available for you to put together into a large logo, in addition, Asembly also has full features of layer, resize, Align to Grid …

In addition, the extremely precise Assembly alignment makes it easy to align each part of the logo pixel-precise without straining your eyes.

Link download: iOS

ICONA Logo Maker

Price: Free download

ICONA is an app that supports the design of minimalistic logo templates. It feature many key elements such as shapes, text, and drawings. Thanks to that, you can easily use the logo in your design publications such as banners, posters or sales website without errors in color, layer …

The app also offers drawing icons that allow you to start drawing your own shapes. The advantage of this app is that it offers a lot of icon images with great support and strange fonts. This app is considered to be quite suitable for those who love minimalism – minimalism

ICONA requires users to pay $ 5 for the download and then you can comfortably use the resources that the app provides.

Link download: iOS

Watercolor Logo Maker

Price: Free download

This app brings a lot of interesting experiences for you and your logo template. First, you will choose a water color pattern from a given template as the main background for your logo, then you will be taken to an editor where you can adjust the colors, add text and customize more elements. other factors accordingly.

Link download: iOS

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker logo app

Price: Free download

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker is a free iOS and Android logo design app. It is seen as a logo design repository with a lot of features, helping you to create creative and professional logos.

The LogoScopic Studio app allows you to convey the brand values ​​you want to express through your logo without being an expert you can do.

Link download: iOS

Logo Maker design app

Maker is a professional logo design website , creative app to design and print logo, packaging according to your preferences. With Maker, you can create awesome designs that make branding much easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Maker lets you create new with the freedom to customize logo templates, wedding invitations or events, … Besides, the customization feature makes the app more professional when you make your ideas from idea to design implementation.

Logo DesignMantic app

logo design apps

As one of the best logo design app, DesignMantic is versatile, within a few simple steps you can complete a professional company logo design. Design has user-friendly features that make it very easy to use.

With a large repository of app design provided for free such as: logo design, t-shirt design, flyer design, banner design even supports printing services when you need it.

Link download: iOS

Sketch logo design app

The Sketch app allows you to put your creative ideas on paper. Simple design interface and easy-to-use functions you can quickly get used to even without a background in design knowledge.

Sketch is designed to be flexible, towards users. So you can sketch beautiful logo design ideas even while on the move, so it is loved by many people.

Logo design app Assembly – Art and Design

Assembly is Apple’s app voted “best of 2015”. This free logo design app generates stickers, icons, scenes and other graphics using an approachable, rebuilding and fun approach.

Using new vectors allows you to imagine and creatively create beautiful logo templates in no time. Simple-to-use tools that anyone can use.

Unlike other logo design apps on mobile phones, Assembly has a lot of templates available. You just need to put them together so that the overall harmony is. Assembly’s huge library of essential shapes, symbols, and stickers that can be stacked together.