6 best free game apps available now on Android

By | December 29, 2020

Every year, android play store add more than a thousand new free game apps. Most of them have either in-game purchases or one-time paid. Each game has unique aspects, gameplay and styles, that make players invest time and money for it. Although most of them are labeled as “free to play”, but it really isn’t. Free-to-play games often come with in-game purchases, which help you skip unplayable cutscenes, or  gameplay more faster than before. 

Some in-game purchases are required if you want to access some special areas in games, or simply buy rare items. This format is often applied to most free-to-play game apps, but it could easily make us become boring and tired after playing many hours. So how can we filter out which is the best free game apps on Android?

Luckily, our team of experts in gaming have played most of the game in 2020, and we have picked up 10 titles that have the best free-to-play experiences. All games on the list will be comfortable to play without engaging in too many in-app purchases. You will be overwhelmed by the details and fun these games could give to players online. For more gaming news and cool stuff, check out our website at apk-live.

Now, don’t waste anymore time and jump right into it.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Best free game apps - COD

Although this game has been released recently, it has reached a remarkable achievement, with more than 250 million downloads within 6 months. Available on Android play store since late 2019, Call of Duty : Mobile is so popular and so intensely good online FPS game that you need to play now.

Like any previous Call of Duty titles, this version is set up in a full scale battleground, with more than a dozen stages and playmode. You can play like in “Battle Royale” mode, including 100-player at the same time, and fight to survive till the end. This new type of play is similar to PUBG Mobile, but focuses more on FPS rather than third-person-shooter.

Although like many other games included in-app purchases, Call of Duty Mobile invested more in custom colors and labels for gears and guns. If you are a fan of FPS online games, and don’t have much time to play on your PC, then this game is a gift to you. You can download the latest version from APK Call of Duty Mobile.

Genshin Impact

Best free game app Senshin impact

Genshin Impact are truly gems this year. The element of action RPG and gacha type, mixing with flourish stylist and hidden dungeons, make this game so unique and rewarded. You don’t have to worry about restrictive gameplay when comparing it to other titles. Genshin Impact allows you to play through a completely vast open world, and it can cross play with players on other platforms like PS4 and PC as well. Despite its Gacha type gameplay, which put you through a lot of things like “rolling the dice” and spent countless amounts of money and time. This game still holds out as the best RPG game in the Play Store now. You can download the latest version at APK Genshin Impact.


Pocket City

free game apps - Pocket City

Pocket City is one of the most surprising game coming out this year. It’s a fun city builders game with tons of cool stuff. Like many cities building games, you can create roads, residential zones, commercial zones and industrial zones that fit your interests. However, the selling point of this game is the deep economic and crime mechanics. Gamers can involve heavily in all aspects, including management’s economic crisis, natural disaster and investing on social security. You have to remember that the free version won’t have extra features like open new maps or skip ads. Just buy a premium edition and you will not regret it. Pocket city is currently the best free game apps in the simulator genre, you can download the game here at Pocket City.


best free game apps - Pokemon Go

The biggest mobile AR games of 2016 are still the king of 2020. You could say that Pokemon Go is bigger than ever now.  After the fall of players in 2017, the game holds out very well on the Play Store, with more than a million players each month. The popularity of Pokemon Go hasn’t faded away since, and players keep exploring new things around the real world. Players can catching new Pokemon, fighting other players and taking down gyms. Also, now you can find additional legendary Pokemon, raid battles with other trainers and more. Although 2020 isn’t good for outside games like Pokemon Go, new updates for gamers playing inside their house is worth the play. The latest update on the Play Store can be downloaded here at APK Pokemon Go.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile

Available since 2018, PUBG Mobile has since become one of the most popular “Battle royale” games on the Play Store. It features a 100-player battle royale on a small island, and they have to find a way to survive through 1-hours long running and hiding from other players. Until one of them, or one of the group, survives. You will have to collect weapons and vehicles around the island and fight till only one lives.

The game mechanics are very unique and one of its kind. Play area will keep shrinking to keep games from going too long, as well as an expanding list of content, cross-overs, and customization items. The world in PUBG Mobile also feels more real than other games of this genre. Fortnite for example is funnier and goofy, but in this current state, that game is very hard to install. So keep yourself ready, and download PUBG Mobile now in APK PUBG Mobile.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

best free games - final fantasy

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius featuring many elements from the original Final Fantasy games series. It is one of the best free Final Fantasy games since Mobius. Like other FF’s, you can explore dungeons, find hidden treasures, fight countless monsters and awards with many equipment and much more.

The game play is simple to learn, but you’ll have to think carefully when facing bosses and hard opponents. Just remember to log in daily, and you will be rewarded with additional missions, quests, and activities. You can download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius today at this link.