Top 10 best action game apps on mobile (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Action games are a good game genre and are played a lot not only on PC or console but also on mobile phones. This game genre often has a very attractive gameplay and brings a lot of experience for the player. In this article, together with the APK-LIVE score through the Top 10 best action games on the phone. These are all good and top-loved games that if you are a fan of action game apps. It will be hard to ignore. Let’s find out now on part-2 of  “Top 10 best action game on mobile”.

Top 10 best action game apps on mobile

4. Asphalt Xtreme

The first thing that the game brings is the difference in vehicle models, diverse maps, complex terrain along with beautiful visual effects, the game promises not to disappoint enthusiasts. racing game genre. Different from previous Asphalt versions, which often include the world’s leading supercars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi … Instead Asphalt Xtreme will bring us Monster cars, terrain, cars. Multi-purpose sports, muscle car … With a very cool and strong shape, ready to rush into the race like a god.

Of course, with the above types of vehicles, the tracks are not beautiful roads like in the lavish city, but deserts, industrial parks abandoned dangerous terrain … Famous places in the world such as the cold arctic Svabard island or the extremely dangerous Nile valley … You will start from the series from easy to difficult, in each series item there will be seasons you have to Complete each round with the best rankings to have a lot of money to buy a car or “level” it up into a monster machine in the track.

Extend upgrade

In addition, you can also buy boxes containing vehicle upgrade items, but in my opinion it is quite expensive. If you are confident in the ability to weigh the whole world. Online racing with people around the globe will help you relieve the thirst of being king on the track. Rather than alone fighting with boring machines, but The race will be very fierce. In terms of game graphics, I have to say “nothing to criticize”, with realistic visual details with collision scenes, landing scenes or wading streams, combined with vivid sound. The game feels like real steering. Asphalt Extreme is a game that is worth playing as it has not followed the old path of the previous Asphalt series but instead is a change in vehicle genre as well as extremely dangerous terrain map and difficult to swallow for the racers.

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5. Alto’s Adventure

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Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner game, but different from many other games, the interesting point is that the game is designed with physical interaction in an environment with many weather effects such as fog, rainbows, storms, shooting stars … Players will be challenged with the ability to ski with just a single button on a graphics platform that is rated as “rich in art”.

The gameplay in this fun game is also quite simple basically, it is an infinite slide game and with a certain distance along with the ability to overcome certain obstacles you will be up to a certain level. How to play the game just press on the screen to jump or hold the screen to sit down. In this Alto’s Adventure game you will see reindeer or deer or crash into them or fly on their heads, you will still get the achievement of the reindeer you kill. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the rocks appearing on the way, jump over them or the game will stop there.

It can be said that this ski game possesses a quite peaceful graphics background with rather quiet backgrounds that highlight the action of the character that is quite attractive for the player. Also, the sound system of the game is also quite realistic to help you like being immersed in that ski character. In general, this is a fun game for relaxation as well as for killing time. This make Alto’s one of the most successful action game apps of all-time

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6. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival, also known as RoS, is a name that cannot be absent from this list. This is one of the best survival shooting and action games on the phone today. With more than 100 million players worldwide. Join the game, you will be 1 in 120 people or 300 people without parachuting onto a large island. Your job is to collecting weapons and plunging into a large-scale war here.

Right from the global release, Rules of Survival quickly received the attention of the worldwide gaming community. Open the game Rules of Survival on Android and then to iOS. The board of international Rules of Survival is surprised to receive the warm welcome from the players through the amazing number of downloads.

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From the end of December to the beginning of January 2020, the Rules of Survival operating team has recorded more than 100 000 000 Rules of Survival downloads to the phone. Also from here, Rules of Survival quickly rose to a high ranking on the Google Play rankings and then the App Store. NetEase’s game has for a long time occupied the top 1 most attractive mobile survival game on the app stores. To explain this, we are not difficult to recognize the secret to the game Rules of Survival get a high position on the board. ranked and also in the player’s fans around the world.

Taking over the world

Before the release of Rules of Survival, players seemed to have only the PUBG game of Bluehole. Which is dominating the world battle royale game market. As you know, PUBG is a game released on Steam. And it can only be downloaded and played when you pay license fees. Not to mention that PUBG has a fairly heavy capacity and requires a certain line of computers to be able to fight the game. Therefore, the advent of Rules of Survival quickly became the focus of attention. NetEase’s Game Rules of Survival not only follows the survival gameplay like PUBG. Which is developed on a compact mobile phone, but also owns an extremely beautiful graphics. Immediately players rushed to choose Rules of Survival, download and play this game.

Remember, your goal is always to destroy others and become the last survivor. Besides the single player mode, the game also has a team mode, team play. With extremely beautiful HD graphics with quality sound as well as many modern weapons. Rules of Survival will make you satisfied in the dramatic action in the game. This make ROS one of the most successful action game apps of all-time

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