Top 10 best offline mobile games for gamers today (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Over the years, the offline mobile games industry has made great strides, attracting a large number of players through titles like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and most other online mobile games. However, there are still offline games with content and gameplay that are not inferior to the aforementioned games, and still have a certain fan base.

In this article, let’s APK-LIVE take a look at 10 best offline mobile games that you may not know yet.

Top 10 Best offline mobile games for gamers today (2)

4. House Designer: Fix and Flip

A home improvement simulator by Karate Goose Studio, for gamers who love to create.

In the game, players will buy a house and then be able to unleash dozens of experiments with their own house. There is a wide selection of home furniture, bed, chair, table, bathroom and kitchen furniture, paint as well as other decorative items. Not stopping there, the game also allows players to renovate the garden, build a swimming pool and decorate plants. You can also make money and become rich doing the quests that the game offers such as repairing and upgrading houses for the people around.

Buying or selling houses and exchanging items with each other unlock higher levels to help you upgrade your skills. Overall, if you are a garden enthusiast and have unlimited creativity, House Designer: Fix and Flip is a perfect choice to help you unleash your ideas and relax in the world. virtual game.

Link download: iOS, Android

5. Rusty Lake Series

Rusty Lake is a series of mystery-puzzle games with point-and-click gameplay. The game was first released in April 2015, by founder Robin Ras (Dutch). As of now, 13 games have been released. In the game we will play the role of a certain character and will try to escape a room or complete certain tasks out in the game.

CUBE ESCAPE: This is the first game series of Rusty Lake, which serves as a general introduction to the game’s universe and is also the main storyline. During the gameplay, the game does not have a specific player character.
PREMIUM GAMES: These are premium, longer, paid games that have been produced by Rusty Lake. At the same time it reveals a lot of trivia of the characters in the main storyline, but plays an important role in the game.

Link download: iOS, Android

6. To The Moon

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To The Moon is developed on the RPG Maker XP engine platform and 16-bit 2D role-playing games platform. At first many people mistook it because the style was quite similar to Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. After all, the player’s main task is to complete the storyline around Johnny’s life and find a way into his memory.

Like some other indie titles, the player must try to collect Johnny’s memory fragments and connect them to. That will open the way leading players to memories of Johnny’s current (currently “dying” in bed), to his childhood memories.

Players will have to learn the story carefully to discover each piece of memories, memorabilia associated with each time in Johnny’s life at a certain location in the game. The ultimate goal is to perfect the memory fragments, to help Johnny strengthen faith in his dream of going to the moon.

Link download: iOS, Android

7. Shadow Fight 3

best offline mobile games

With 2D graphics and simple “shadow” characters in previous versions, in this third installment, NSX game Shadow Fight has brought a completely new look with beautiful 3D graphics and majestic characters. , promises to bring many interesting experiences for fans who love authentic fighting on mobile platforms. Not only upgraded in terms of graphics, gameplay system and storyline of Shadow Fight 3 is equally attractive. Players can create a completely different character in their own style with the Character creation tool. In addition, the game also offers dozens of weapons, equipment as well as hundreds of unique skills for gamers to freely explore and combine themselves without limitation.

Compared to current mobile fighting games, the graphics quality in Shadow Fight 3 must be on a completely different level. The character image and the moves and attacks are very sophisticated and detailed, bringing a feeling of extremely satisfying combat. To be able to deliver excellent graphics in Shadow Fight 3, developer Nekki has used a proprietary technology called Cascadeur. This technology is responsible for the realistic animation and has been integrated in many of its previous titles, typically Vector and Vector 2.

Link download: iOS, Android

8. Rest in Pieces

In the game Rest in Pieces, you will have to control and control your character as they are swaying along the way, away from obstacles to be able to finish early. It can be seen that this task is not too difficult. But, do not forget that your characters are porcelain dolls so it will be easy to shatter if accidentally bumped lightly. Built in a rather “dark” and scary setting, along with the very distinctive sound system of horror works, Rest in Pieces is expected to be the flagship in the setting. horror in classic puzzle adventure mixed game. Rest in Pieces is not too prominent in the gameplay but in return the game has built quite a good horror atmosphere with both visual and sound so you will be completely immersed in that dark and scary space, try to concentrate to end the haunted journey.

There are 3 themes in Rest in Pieces with different levels of difficulty and playstyle that impress players. As with regular debugging games, you’ll end up playing against the final boss. It will appears faintly at the end of the horizon during your gameplay. And one of them is the horror clown, which appears during the 30 seconds of the trailer. On the other hand, you can also unlock and use porcelain dolls of different sizes and shapes, corresponding to the theme in the game: Georgina, Leotard and Tiny (The killer clown nightmare). ; Kapten Bjorn, Alana, Jack Parrot (Kraken rises from the depths); Brandy, Ingemar, Bunnyt (The rage of Yeti).

Link download: iOS, Android

9. Assassin’s Creed Identity

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With the aim of releasing at least 1 version of the Assassin’s Creed series each year. Ubisoft had struggling to balance between quantity and quality. Of course, the release of Assassin’s Creed Identity has been well researched so that players don’t have to complain. First of all, we need to commend the Assassin’s Creed Identity development team. The team who built the game with the very latest in 3D.

All details and scenes in the game are meticulously designed from shadows to the edges of buildings. Even the rule of day and night is taken care of not inferior to the versions of the game on PC / Console. However, to play the game you need to own iPad 3 and iPhone 5 and above and equipped with iOS 7 and 8 OS.

Link download: iOS, Android

So this is our part-1 of the series of “best offline mobile games” on the market now. I hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned for part-2.