Top 5 classic games on classic phone before smartphones

By | September 17, 2021

Dozens of years ago, before the era of smartphones exploded with 3D graphics classic games peaks, we must have spent the gaming period on “brick” phones. In this article, APK-LIVE will take you back to your childhood to remember the classic games that have been attached to so many people!

Top 5 classic games on classic phone before smartphones

1. Snake

classic games

In the years 1997 when the Nokia phones were taking the throne, the game snake-hunting was extremely popular with mobile players, almost mentioning the word “snake of prey” that everyone knows this classic game, There are only 2 black and white colors and the gameplay is very simple, but the game has made many people addicted to play and get incredible scores. Surely you cannot forget the snake game genre on the old Nokia phones that simply attracted players. This is also one of the first games to appear on the phone, released in 1997 and followed by the arcade game by Gremlin Industries (1976).

With as simple as possible rules, you will control the snake “eating” food on the screen, so that the snake does not touch the wall, obstacles or bites your own body by mistake. But the main difficulty is that each time it is eaten, the snake grows longer, and the risk of scrapping itself is higher. Therefore, despite the simple rules of the game, Snake is challenging, has anyone ever played and passed the 9th level? The game first appeared on the Nokia 6110 with a 2-player game mode, this decision not only brought strategic success to Nokia, but also the clearest evidence of its ability to develop a game market for devices. mobile phone.

Revised on smartphone

Now on Smartphone has been revived by dsd164 programmers on all 3 OS. Android, iOS and Windows Phone so that users can relive their childhood. Nokia used to be the king phone company and over 350 million phones of the manufacturer have built this snake game, when free, the game is the first game to play and challenge people. Play to reach the high score.

Game Snake 97 is recreated exactly like the game snake of prey on the old Nokia phones on the smartphone screen. You just need to control the number keys 2,4,6,8 to control the snake eating prey appearing on the screen so that the snake’s head does not eat at any part of his body or crashes into 4 walls, otherwise you will lose. Each time you eat the bait you will get points for yourself, but the snake will get longer and longer so the difficulty will also increase gradually, avoiding eating your body will increase.

Many players miss the game of snake hunting and go to the app stores to search again to play, but those snake games are improved in a completely new style, making users not feel as excited as before. With Snake 97 you will be back to the legendary 1997 Snake game that is sure to make you happy.

Link download: iOS , Android

2.Space Impact

classic games

Space Impact leads us back to the golden days of the early black-and-white mobile phones. Appeared on most Nokia devices and especially the Nokia 3310 “resounding once”. Although compared to today’s space shooters it is ancient and boring. But in its era, Space Impact was real. the is an explosion.

Just merely driving a spaceship and destroying the alien spaceships that appear invading. To be fair, this is not a great game. Not to mention the black and white resolution of the phone screen. will easily give you a headache when you play it for too long. But what is to be praised, is that Space Impact crossed the line of what was possible for a mobile classic games at that time. A game with a length, complexity and texture far beyond its era. So, even though it’s imperfectly flawless, Space Impact is still a representative to be mentioned.

Link download: iOS, Android 


Years after color-screen phones began to flourish, Nokia continued to release the Bounce game to be able to take off the great success of Snake Xenzia. Bounce offers users a more enjoyable gaming experience with diverse sounds, eye-catching gameplay and vibrant colors. However, up to now, this game has also been available on the black and white Nokia bricks.

The player’s task is to roll the ball over the obstacles and eat circles to get points to cross the table. On the way, the player will have to avoid nails on the wall and under the floor. They also need to avoid moving obstacles, and cleverly inflate the ball so that the ball can float or fly higher. Or, suck in steam to make the ball more neat and neat. Use special terrains like high jumps or water tanks to navigate and get to dangerous places.

Link download: iOS, Android

4.Rapid Roll

Besides Snake Xenzia and Bounce, Rapid Roll is also one of many classic games that goes into childhood memories of the first generation 8x and 9x. This is a game that challenges the player’s agility, using side keys to move through the boards. If you are not fast and dexterous, you will fall, or mistakenly land on a board with nails.

The difficult point of Rapid Roll is that the game speed will increase with time. Experience the high speed in Rapid Roll will provide the most thrilling experiences. Besides, this game also has no end, except you make your own mistakes and game over only.

Link download: iOS, Android

5.Tetris – Puzzle Game

For the people of the 8x 9x era, the brick-making game is nothing strange. We had a childhood pressing on a 3A battery-powered plastic brick stacking machine. Or, a series of NES playing days out Mario went to Block Tiles. Also Nintendo is the first company to bring this legendary game (originating from Russia) on Game Boy devices. With its “addictive” effect, this is the game that appears on most devices. game play in history, and of course not to ignore the punishments on mobile phones.

The rules of the game are almost everyone knows. With 7 types of “tiles” of different shapes appearing randomly, you have to rotate and arrange so that they form a tight row to destroy each row. But, if you are clumsy to Stacked bricks to the roof, the game over. It sounds so mechanical and boring, but Dua Brick has lived for many generations. Even the most downloaded mobile game according to statistics in January 2010. It has more than 100 million downloads from the date of belonging. EA in 2005.

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