Top 10 cool mobile games for you to play on the upcoming Easter day (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Easter day, after visiting relatives and sitting with family, still has quite a bit of free time for myself. Go for a coffee meeting with friends, walk around the street, it’s still time. It is not to mention that many of the brothers and sisters also do not have plans to go to the street, just stay at home to eat, sleep and play games. So APK-LIVE would like to share with you the cool mobile games, few people know, generally well worth enjoying.

Here are part-1 the list of top 10 best mobile games, that you should play on your upcoming Easter day. For more news, you can checkout APK-LIVE

Top 10 cool mobile games for you to play on the upcoming Easter day


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Florence is a story about love that tells with utmost care in a young Florence’s life. A special title with “show, don’t speak”, Florence gave up on the usual dialogue and used simple puzzle mechanics and interactive narrative elements to convey high-low levels of intimate relationship.

The act of brushing teeth or packing up may not seem exciting in the video game scene, but there’s something great about playing someone else at a pivotal moment in their lives and waiting to see the event. going for better or worse.

Link download: iOS, Android

2. Holedown

The gameplay in Holedown is similar to last year’s free play-in Ballz (created by the controversial Ketchapp Games, who created the viral hit 2048). Players have the task of digging down until they can get into the core of a planet. This is done by sending a stream of bouncing balls onto numbered blocks, denoting the number of times a block needs to be hit before it breaks.

The game starts simple players, whose tasks are just a few pictures and small, fragile bricks. But as you unlock more upgrades and abilities, things will escalate to the point where you’ll have dozens of ricocheting balls around a level, sticking blocks hundreds of times in a single shot.

Link download: iOS, Android


cool mobile games

The interface of ELOH is extremely simple and easy to understand for players. The way to move the details is also quite easy. You can just touch and swipe to the right position to keep the beat seamlessly. With just a few taps on the screen, you can completely play back or return to the home screen.

Surely you will have to get used to the gameplay. Even if you will fail many times before you pass extremely difficult levels. From level 50 or higher when there will be the appearance of sliders, disrupting the circuits the sound of the song. But don’t be too discouraged, just stay calm. Understand the rules of the slider’s movement and continue to listen carefully to the beats to complete them,

The purpose of ELOH is to perfect the pieces of music to the best tone. Each sound is marked with different colors. You need to move the mascot to maintain seamless negative lines. Several other factors will appear during play, sometimes helping but sometimes making it difficult for you to maintain the correct intonation of the music.

Link download: iOS, Android

4. Donut County

Donut County is a game that reminds you a lot of house cleaning; suck everything into a large black hole. Of course, everything you suck will fall into the hole instead of curled into a lump like some other games of the same genre. The gameplay is very simple: Become a hole and swallow everything from small to large for the duration of the game.

On the other hand, Donut County has shown attraction with its own character. At the end of the level, you can experience what you have gathered in the game, some of which are collectively known as Trashopedia. This is considered mandatory. It enabled Donut County to give a gritty and appropriate response to those who underestimated the game, just as it did for Wolf Puppy’s success. A good example of what Donut County has portrayed is “a serene serpent is a plate of rich, conscious spaghetti with envious talents.”

Link download: iOS

5. Dandara

cool mobile games

About Dandara: This is a basic Metroid-style game genre, which means players will have to explore mysterious locations by tracing the maps, simultaneously solving Code rooms and mysterious tunnels to conquer this game. Not too much to say, Dandara is definitely a game for brain gamers. More specifically, in the game, gamers find short, manual routes that can be found on the map to conquer Dandara as quickly as possible.

Another key is that in addition to the player’s creativity, they both need to deduce carefully about the map, namely why the room is shaped like this, whether there are any secrets about the map. This is bad or where this room is going to lead me and what is the link to what I am looking for. It is these things that make the game more appealing and attractive to players by reasoning and its close connection between screens.

Link download: iOS, Android

6. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is the successor version of Alto’s Adventure, developed by Noodlecake Studios. This game company has also released many other attractive mobile games such as Chameleon Run, FRAMED 1 and 2, Lumino City.

Like Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey has the familiar “endless” running style. You will slide down hills, acrobatics to gain points, overcome obstacles and collect coins. The game has simple graphics but is still very eye-catching, and has received an Apple design award. Great music. Thanks to that, Alto’s Odyssey is a very suitable game for you to entertain after hours of work and study stress.

Link download: iOS, Android

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So this is part-1 of the list of “10 cool mobile games for upcoming easter day”. Please looking forward to part-2.