Top 10 Facts about Minecraft game (Pocket edition)

By | September 17, 2021

Minecraft is a world famous game that anyone has heard of its name once. This is one of the games full of adventure elements, assembling, building, survival, role-playing … Are you playing this famous game? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Minecraft game! For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 Facts about Minecraft game (Pocket edition)

1.Indie Game (Indie Game)

Minecraft game

That’s right, the entire Minecraft game was created by just one developer from Sweden. The first version of Minecraft was completed in just six days, and was based on ideas from the Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer and RollerCoaster Tycoon World games.

Markus Persson – he is the father of Minecraft – is also the founder of Mojang. After a while, Minecraft released and developed thanks to the Mojang company with the name of the game Cave Game, after a while it turned into Minecraft Oder the Stone, finally leaving only Minecraft.

2. Cube – The world of square blocks

Minecraft game

All materials in Minecraft game such as soil, stone, gravel … to animals like pigs, chickens or the whole country, lava, clouds … are made up of square blocks called Cube. . With the right tools that the player will craft in the game, the player can dig, smash and build anything they want. The limit of the game is none, the main limit is your imagination.

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3. Super System – Game available on most types of systems

Minecraft is a Video Game available on almost every type of operating system. According to the statistics on the main Web of Minecraft game, the game is available on PC, Wii u, OS X, Java, iOS, Windows Phone, Mobile, PlayStation 3 + 4, Android … highest sales in the world that not all games can do. World of Warcraft, Hafl-Life … must also respect Minecraft in some parts.

You will never have to worry about being unable to play Minecraft. From phone to tablet, from Laptop to controller, all can be played. Currently, Minecraft is acquired by Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion and makes Markus cry because he is too rich.

4. Creeper – The symbol of Minecraft

Minecraft game

Is a monster created in the game Minecraft with the goal of assassinating you. Creepers are very weak and when they meet you, they will die, but on the contrary, they possess a great skill that is walking without making a sound. Before committing suicide, it will make a “tickle” and BOOM !!! – activate self-blasting mode and send you to Heaven quickly with no regrets. Be careful!

Initially, when creating a pig in the game, the pig’s length and height parameters are changed, leading to distortion in the image and color of the pig. Instead of throwing away and redesigning, Markus kept and created our Creeper.

5. Present in schools of many countries

In 2013, a school in Sweden introduced Minecraft to its curriculum and considered it a compulsory subject in the school. This causes many students to become interested in learning and going to school. Moreover, Minecraft is a game that stimulates the intelligence, logic and creativity, the preparation of plans for the future … of the students should be enthusiastically supported by the majority of parents in school.

Hopefully one day, Minecraft will also become a subject in the subject system of our country. And students just need to bring a keyboard and mouse to school!

6. Minecraft and Minceraft

Usually, when you launch the game and the game, the name of the game will appear as Minecraft. Interestingly, in 10000 game launches there will be a chance of a game named Mincerraft appearing once. In English, Mincer means meat grinder, the equivalent of saying that if you don’t pay attention, you’ll starve to death. And of course in the game, meat is the best thing that can keep you alive and working for a long time.

7. Cube_TNT and the Danish city

Minecraft game

In 2014, two employees of the Geospatial Department of the Danish City built the entire city in the game Minecraft at a scale of 1: 1. That is, you just need to download the map of Denmark to your computer, and be able to visit all the famous historical sites, monuments, Danish street houses … in your computer. traveling.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been fun for long that some nasty hacker groups hacked into the Danish map system, put explosives (Cube TNT) around the city and blew up the most beautiful buildings, then plugged them in. America flag in the blasting spot. It is for this reason that Cube_TNT is banned in certain types of maps that are useful to the community.

8. Minecraft World

As mentioned at the beginning, everything in Minecraft game is built with square blocks called Cube. The entire seemingly endless vast world in Minecraft is just stacked Cube boxes.

Calculated from the center of the Minecraft world going around, each direction will have a length of approximately 30 million Cube. If each Cube is equivalent to a square meter in real life, the world area in Minecraft is 7 times the surface area of the Earth.

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9. The FarLand – Land of legend

The polar region of the game Minecraft, also known as the game’s map limit. When going here, the Cube will be deformed and the character in the game will not be able to walk. However, no player has been able to go to this legendary land, The FarLand.

In 2015, a gamer went more than 2 million Cube, and with netizens’ estimates, it will take 20 more years of his life to reach The FarLand. Can you imagine how big the world of Minecraft is ???

10. The masterpiece of infinite creativity

In the game Minecraft, creativity has no limits. You can do anything you want, build anything you want to build. And because of the uniqueness 1-0-2 of this game, there are countless famous super products born.

From the ancient Colosseum, to the Battle Ship … are also simulated to rebuild in Minecraft. You can admire the most beautiful super products created in the Minecraft world in the video below.

So this is our 10 reason why you should download and play Minecraft today. Hope you enjoy our article and follow us now.