Top 5 best iPad games to play in December

By | December 26, 2020

Sometimes, iPhone cannot bring out the best gaming experience to players, especially for pro gamers. So pack it up and move toward the iPad now. Cause here is the list of best iPad games in December for you.

Top 5 best iPad games to play in December


Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy, Turn-based

Developer: CD Projekt


If you are addicted to The Witcher 3, and cannot get enough of Gwent after hours playing card game, then this game is the cure for your soul. 

Gwent is very special in the Witcher series. It’s unique gameplay and style make the game stand out from other titles on iOS. You can experience the fast-paced turn-based game (way faster than Hearthstone if you ask me), which made the game less pay-to-win. Also, enjoy your own desk that you build, as many characters from the original games are on cards. 

From Geralt of Rivia to Ciri Fiona, each character appears in special cards, portraying  their nature or famous moments in the base game. And the enhanced version on iPad make it the best choice for players.

You can choose to become one of six factions in The Witcher universe: Northern Realms, Nilfgaard, Scoia’tael, Monsters, Skellige, and Syndicate (the newest faction). Each faction has unique abilities to help players take advantage in every match. But, be careful when you choose to use that, because every game you can only use one.

In Conclusion, Gwent is a perfect turn-based card game for everyone to play on iPad, so let’s jump right into it and prepare for a Gwent match.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game now available on iOS, and 100% free (in-game purchases included).

Link: iOS

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 

Available on: iOS

Category: Building, adventure

Developer: Mojang

Best iPad games - Minecraft

The heat of Minecraft series has never burned out since 2011. One of the most played game series in history continues to raise the bar after 9 years with major updated and new servers incoming this December. 

As the players, you can choose whatever you want in the Minecraft universe. From building your own house (or cities), play with friends online, adventure to the deep unknown, to explore the underground world.

For younger players, Minecraft can teach them how to teamwork,  their creativity and self-direction to maximum level. Minecraft’s educational benefits have also been packaged for the classroom. As many schools are using Minecraft to educate their students, this game has become a tool to increase students’ creativity and flexibility. 

You can purchase the game for 6.99$ for the iPad version.

Link: iOS

Life is Strange

Available on: iOS

Category: adventure game

Developer: Deck Nine

Life is Strange

The Awards-winning game is finally released on iOS. Life is Strange takes you to a journey full of mystery, investigation and puzzle. Follow the story of Max and her friend Chloe, to uncover why a student from their town went missing. Through time, they discover the dark side of their hometown, and have to choose how to react to it.

The Wonderful system of choice based on quick time events leads players to many scenarios. Especially when the main character, Max, learns how to bend time. Throughout 5 chapters, players will experience twist and turn as Max begins to uncover the dark secret of her hometown. 

Beautiful visuals, blends with awesome soundtracks really make an impact on most players. Especially when you play on your iPad big screen. All of this including with perfect story-telling have made Life is Strange become a perfect game.

Also, a second installment – Life is Strange: Before the Storm have been released recently on iOS. This game including a three-part standalone story, took place three years before the original title. With the combines from both titles, Life is Strange has become one of the best iPad games now.

Both games can download for free on iOS, but each episode costs between $1-$5. There’s also an option to purchase for a season pass that gets you all the episodes for $7.

Link: iOS

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Available on: iOS

Category: Adventure, Action

Developer:  Bethesda

Best iPad games - Elder Scrolls

In 2018, everyone was surprised when Bethesda announced they will join the mobile game industry with Elder Scrolls: Blades. At that time, it was the showcase for iPhone XS powerful performance, featuring new 3D environments based on Skyrim’s concept.  

Elder Scrolls: Blades is an RPG set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls, following the storyline after The Great War in Oblivion. Players can choose between many classes and races in the game. But, be sure to remember that this game is not a fully open-world game. So, you have to follow the scenario as a member of an ancient order known as the Blades. Your main task is to restore your hometown, which has been destroyed by the empire. 

Like many Elder Scrolls titles before, this game enriches players with quests, dungeon adventures, arena battles,… and more. And so, you can experience it with single-player mode. Beside single-player experiences, gamers can play multiplayer with friends and strangers through Bethesda online servers. 

In early 2020, the enhanced version for iPad Pro was released, with updated graphics and better Menu navigation. You can download Elder Scrolls: Blades for free on iPad OS.

Link: iOS


World of Tanks Blitz

Available on: iOS

Category: Action game, Free-to-play

Developer: Wargaming

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is a closed-world game, focused on close combat between every type of tanks throughout history (from 1917 to 1945). Players will have to choose what kind of tanks they want to play and survive as many battles as they could. 

What makes the iPad version so interesting, is that it keeps the core gameplay from PC version to iOS. The mobile version is enormous, when compared to other games. But, as you play online with friends, the joy of running tanks around the city, destroying enemy tanks and capturing flags was purely fun to play. 

Players won’t feel any boredom, as the game make them spend hours in customizing their tanks. Also, building and upgrading the equipment was fun as hell. The gameplay is impressively smooth for a real-time game with 14 players on iOS, and the short and sweet nature of the battles makes it all too easy to duck in for a round or two here and there.

World of Tanks Blitz is a rare free-to-play game, and one of the best iPad games that respects your time playing it. And it’s 100% worth it.

Link: iOS

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