Top 5 best free movie apps on iOS in 2020

By | December 26, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic really hit hard on the movie industry. This year, there are less than 20 movies that can be released in theaters due to close down. Everything was shut down, well, except for movies streaming services. In the middle of global lockdown, everyone was looking to find movies online. Currently, there are many best free movie apps for you to download movies on iOS. But, which one should you choose, that fit your taste the most?

Wait no longer, because Apk-live have picked up five of the best free movie apps for iOS. We’ll look deeper at their main features and the benefits of movies it brings, to help you decide which apps are a perfect choice. And make sure to check on the list of movies it has.

ToonsNow movie app

best movie apps - ToonsNow

If you love Anime, cartoons catalog. Then look no further, because ToonsNow has all that you really want. ToonsNow is a free movies app, containing free Anime, cartoons, movies and series. There are a total of 13,500 videos available on ToonsNow, and the number are rising. 

ToonsNow supports many video formats, like MP4, MOV files, as well as VLC player for MKV, AVI file formats for AirPlay. You can download and play anywhere at any time you want (make sure the storage is enough for that).

Moreover, ToonsNow offers CDN Support and direct links playback for premium member-only. Paid version works on multiple devices up to 3 devices per membership, and you can request favorite Cartoons, Anime or Animated Movies and it will be added to the Database with priority.

ToonsNow App is compatible with the newest iOS 14. It can work perfectly on the iPhone and iPad Pro. The software is available for free and works stable on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. But one thing to remember, the free version of this can only play on 720p at max. To play on 1080p or higher, make sure to subscribe to the paid version.

You can download now at iOS


Best movie apps - Crackle

Crackle is one of the top streaming services in North America. Under Sony’s partnership, Crackle moved to iOS to find more audiences, And they found it with Crackle’s App. Today, Crackle is one of the most popular free movie apps in the US. 

It has a wide range of categories such as: comedy, drama, action, and thriller. It can support 2K to 4K movies, including remasters of many classic titles such as Ben Hur or Liz Taylor Cleopatra.

The key for success of Crackle is its unique features, like Spotlight Channel, which features shows and movies recommended by the Crackle team. This will help you discover many movies and tv shows that have never been seen before.

Remember, when using free movie apps like Crackle, it will display ads during the play. However, if you sign up for an account, the ads will appear lesser, creating quite smooth experience.

You can download now at iOS

Viki – best movies app for Asian drama

Viki app

Asian-Drama lovers simply cannot miss Viki. Originally developed by Rakuten, Viki is the perfect choice for every fan of Asian TV Drama and Movie. This free movie app contains a long list of Movies, TV series, Dramas and Documentaries from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

It has a different set of subtitles language, including: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia,… and more than 200 languages. Viki is also a great way to learn more languages through movies, as this app provides 2nd subtitles for you to learn speaking and reading (Netflix also does that).

Unlike Crackle, you won’t suffer much from ads display. But if you want to access to exclusive contents, or latest episodes, you could choose to pay monthly subscription fee around 4.99$

You can download now at iOS


Tubi App

Now this app is the game-changer in 2020. Before pandemic, Tubi focused mostly on streaming service, and it’s almost identical to the desktop website. But when the demand for movies on phones went skyrocket, they optimized it so good, that 80% of people watching Tubi now shift towards it app.

The Tubi app now becomes mobile friendly, and the design is super easy to use. Firstly, the app features the same list of best films and recommend movies on top, you can scroll across to find which genres you like the most. Secondly, with all sorts of different genres mixed in, movies can be played immediately after you hit the “play” button. Thirdly, all the same genres and the search tool are available through the app as they are on the website, 

You don’t have to worry about getting lost in it, because every movie cover is large enough for you to see. So, you won’t miss anything. Also, all movies and series will feature release date, duration, rating, and genre on description page.

Tubi is now available to download on iOS. It can support the latest version of iOS and iPad OS.



If you don’t mind with the occasional ad, then this app is the choice you cannot refuse. More than 10,000+ movies and series are now available on Vudu App. From US-UK dramas to Asian classic movies. It is a free streaming movies app with ads, and you can even buy every movie in full HD or even 4K.

You can watch any free movie easily, by opening up the “Free” page on the menu and browse, go with Free with Ads, then watch every film you like. But be sure to remember that not all movies will be featured on this app. Some might require access to other platforms like Hulu or Prime. You can also look through all the films by the ones that are new this week, are the most popular or are in specific genres. Currently they are trending on Korean Dramas and Chinese History categories.

Something else you can do is see all of Vudu’s free movies on their website and then search for a specific film on the app to watch it from your mobile device.

This streaming app works really well on iPhone and iPad, especially with the newest iOS 14. You can download it at iOS