Top best Japanese learning apps on iPhone (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Japanese learning apps – Japanese is one of the ten most popular languages in the world with more than 130 million speakers. Whatever your purpose of studying Japanese, studying to study abroad, to have a light and high-paying job, to travel, … it’s very simple and convenient today. You can learn Japanese wherever you are, right from your beloved “apple” without going to the mall by simply downloading one of the apps on the App Store.

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Top best Japanese learning apps on iPhone

1. Japanese Flashcards BravoLang

Topping the list of the best Japanese learning apps on iPhone, Japanese Flashcards BravoLang brings you effective Japanese learning. This app always displays attractive flash cards that users can access and use completely free of charge with just one download.

Japanese Flashcards BravoLang includes many comprehensive and useful programs, providing users with a rich and varied vocabulary dictionary. Users can rest assured and improve their Japanese learning with this smart app. In addition, the app also has the ability to share with friends for them to experience and test with you.

2. Learn Japanese Phrases Free

Learn Japanese Phrases Free is one of the best Japanese learning apps on iPhone that allows you to learn Japanese vocabulary more easily and effectively. This app was born exclusively for Iphone so users can learn on their devices in the shortest time. The outstanding feature of Learn Japanese Phrases Free is that it offers a lot of Japanese words with different topics to help you memorize them faster.

This is an application on the iOS platform developed. The application has more than 2000 conversation sentences, divided into topics such as transportation, food, country, greetings, colors … and specific explanations. Many students have used “Learning Japanese” to learn Japanese for free as well as prepare for the JLPT exam for free.

The app not only shows the meaning of those Japanese words, but also teaches the pronunciation to help users pronounce them correctly. If you join the app anytime, anywhere, you will surely learn this language fluently.

Link download: iOS

3. N1 JLPT

One of the best Japanese learning apps on iPhone is the N1 JLPT. This software helps those who are learning Japanese at N1 level to learn grammar effectively. In addition, other similar apps such as: N2 JLPT, N3 JLPT, N4 JLPT, N5 JLPT also function similarly but based on each level. Users can learn grammar formula patterns and thousands of new words conveniently and quickly with this utility. N1 JLPT app also assists you in interpreting words in English.

This useful feature helps users to learn English simultaneously without spending extra time and effort when using other apps of the same type. You will also not be bored with this app, on the contrary, there will be more excitement because of the vivid illustrations. Besides, users can also share with their friends and relatives through popular social networking sites. It’s interesting, isn’t it.

Link download: iOS

4. Kanji Sensei Learn Japanese

Kanji Sensei Learn Japanese is one of the best Japanese learning apps on iPhone. This app supports Japanese users quickly and effectively today. The program will provide lessons to help users test their vocabulary and skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing Japanese. With the support from N5 to N1 levels, users can learn vocabulary, learn to write, and learn pronunciation in the best way. Furthermore, Kanji Sensei Learn Japanese allows you to search by clicking on “Search” and typing in the search term.

Complete suite to Learn Japanese designed for phones AND tablets ! JA Sensei provides clear Japanese lessons and numerous interactive exercises. It used to learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese vocabulary, Japanese phrases for your trips, numbers, verbs, etc. Take audio, multichoice, self-validated or drawing quizzes (draw kanji to answer questions!) to memorize what you learn. Simply curious about Japanese, studying Japanese, or willing to take the JLPT, JA Sensei will become a priceless assistant.

Link download: iOS

5. Mirai Japanese

Mirai Japanese is rated by users as one of the best Japanese learning apps on the iPhone today. The app is evaluated as an advanced language course, provided completely free of charge, very unique, popularly used to guide learners to get acquainted with Japanese through a modern approach. It is a learner-centered and applied approach like an on-site intelligent tutor, intelligent and helpful teaching, ready to support learners at all levels. Through this app, all learners easily understand the basics, combined with practice.

Mirai Japanese really conveys to learners the most basic knowledge in Japanese. Including: grammar, pronunciation, writing system and word usage in different situations. Each lesson in Mirai Japanese builds on what you learned in the previous lesson, creating a unified, seamless and gradual learning process. Although it is a free software to learn Japanese on mobile, but the effectiveness that Mirai Japanese brings is not inferior to online learning or language centers, especially suitable for beginners to learn or learn. Students want to review basic knowledge. The apps interface is intuitive, easy to navigate and simple to use.

Link download: iOS

6. Jdict

One of the best Japanese learning apps on the iPhone that hasn’t been mentioned, this is Jdict. This is an indispensable dictionary app for anyone learning Japanese. The outstanding feature of Jdict is the ability to recognize and look up kanji. Display both in Sino-English sounds and writing styles, extremely convenient. Jdict’s interface is very good looking and very easy to grasp. Another feature is that you can type English words to look up or Japanese words. To look up on the same search bar without having to convert anything.

Jdict also integrates Japanese – English lookup function to compensate for some words looking up from Japanese to Vietnamese without or missing meaning. The function “Favorite” and “History” to save things to remember when looking up is also a prominent feature of Jdict.

Link download: iOS

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