Top 7 most download apps on iOS in Q1 2021 (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Apple recently officially announced the list of the most downloaded free apps in Q1 2021. Not surprisingly, social networking apps make up the bulk of the list, followed by entertainment apps. like listening to online music, watching movies … Let’s explore these most download apps with APK-LIVE!

Top 7 most download apps on iOS in Q1 2021

5. Google Maps

Owned company: Google Inc
Category: geographic app
Rating: 4.6 stars

Talking about map apps, directions maps … people will immediately think of Google Maps of Google. This is a mapping service developed by Google in 2005, initially on a web platform, then on mobile devices. With Google Map, you can view satellite maps, city maps, 360-degree Street View imagery, look up real-time traffic (Google Traffic) and view the route while traveling by car, bicycle, public transport or on foot.

In addition to the browser and mobile versions of Google Map, you can also embed Google Maps on 3rd party websites, used to show directions for shops, businesses or organizations around the world. Data on Google Maps is also regularly updated to facilitate users in daily commuting, traveling or working abroad.

A mobile version of Google Map, first introduced in 2008, uses a Turn-by-Turn navigation style through the device’s GPS. Since August 2013, Google Map has become the most popular mapping app in the world with a market share of more than 54%.

Google Maps provides a visual route for users through the Get Directions feature. There are 4 travel options available depending on the area, namely driving, using public transport (bus, subway …), walking or cycling. Combined with Google Street View, Google Map helps you look up more useful information such as parking space, changing lanes, one-way streets … for reference before starting the route.

In general, Google Maps is still a top priority when you want to view maps, find directions, locate and look up information about places, traffic situations … because of its accuracy and convenience. its. Although there are many free map apps on the market such as Apple Maps, Here WeGO, Waze, Coc Coc maps, MAPS.ME … but Google Maps is always the number 1 choice!

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6. Gmail – Email by Google

Owned company: Google Inc
Category: office apps
Rating: 4.7 stars

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Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, you can access Gmail through apps on Android (download on CH Play) or iOS (download on AppStore), is a service that is most used by many people. and most popular up to now because of the convenience as well as a manager that is very close to the user.

Launched by Google to a limited Beta on April 1, 2004 and ended the beta on July 7, 2009 (according to Wikipedia) with an unlimited number of people joining Gmail accounts, This is a breakthrough that makes Gmail the largest email service in the world with a huge number of subscribers and users that no email service can surpass (like Yahoo Mail and Hot Mail).

Initially, the storage allowed for Gmail was only 1 GB for free per user email, but now Google has updated up to 15 GB, in addition you can also buy more space for Gmail’s if you have a need.

What sets Gmail apart?

  • Gmail uses Google’s search technology to organize and find messages automatically. And because Gmail includes over 15,000 megabytes of memory, the average user will never need to worry about deleting messages. Everything is stored so that it can be retrieved if needed.
  • There are other differences in the way Gmail provides access to your emails. For example, Gmail automatically groups an email and replies under one conversation. That means you always see a message in its proper context. And there are no pop-ups or banner ads in Gmail, just text ads and links to related sites. Other Gmail-specific features include a labeling system, a spam report, and a system for filtering mail as it arrives in your inbox.

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7. Spotify Music

Owned company: Spotify Ltd
Category: entertainment
Rating: 4.7 stars

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Spotify is the music streaming service with the most overwhelming number of users globally. At No. 2, Apple Music has only 27 million paying users while Google or Amazon have not had enough optimistic data to announce.

Like all streaming services and music apps, you can use Spotify easily using the search box. Simply type the name of the song / artist / album you want to listen to in the search box above the app and click on the result you want. If you want to see more clearly, click the button “Show all Results” below will take you to a full search page with more details.

Personalize your experience with Playlist

  • An exclusive per-user experience has become a must for today’s streaming services. In the lead position, Spotify obviously will not disappoint users.
  • The easiest way to create your own “Spotify repository” is to set up playlists (Playlist). In fact, the Playlist item is separated quite prominently at the bottom of the screen. This will be the place to gather all the lists you create manually, the lists that you’ve “followed”. The best thing about your Follow lists is that they are automatically updated by Spotify itself so you can easily discover new tunes.
  • With playlists created manually, Spotify offers quite a few ways to add (add) songs. You can go to the artist’s page and add individual albums, individual songs, or press Cltr + A and add all the songs from this artist. But the most impressive thing is that from the playlist’s interface, when you scroll down you will be prompted a lot of similar songs.

In general, listening to music with Spotify isn’t just about replacing online music with offline. The world’s No. 1 streaming service has created great mechanisms to continuously immerse users in a continuous listening experience with really quality recommendations. While the quality is still inferior to Tidal and also does not support exclusive game modes for high-end DAC. Spotify is really the best streaming service at the moment.

So that it, this is our final part of “most download apps on App Store in Q1 2021”, hope you enjoy our series. And if you like to see more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE to see more.