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The description of Yaani

Yaani is a mobile browser designed according to the needs of mobile users. You can quickly and easily have an access to all kinds of information you are looking for on the internet through Yaani browser. You can check out pharmacies on duty, live exchange rates and weather conditions; translate texts from one language to another and search for images and videos. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily get used to Yaani mobile browser. You can now download and start using Yaani internet browser with completely free of charge.

Yaani web browser’s main features offered to you can be summarized as follows:

● Find the information, articles and magazines you want.
● Follow the news.
● Check out the weather conditions..
● See the nearest pharmacies.
● See the nearest shopping malls
● Follow live and current exchange rates.
● Follow the live scores and news from various football leagues.
● Navigate through Yaani browser on incognito mode.
● Save your favorite web sites to the collection and visit them quickly whenever you want.
● Remove images from the articles and view only writings through ‘’read’’ mode.
● List the image and video results of your searches.
● Adjust the theme, font and font size of Yaani browser as you wish.
● Translate between various languages.
● Check out the sessions and other details of the movies in theaters.
● Compare the prices of products and services you want to buy.
● Listen to your favorite songs with fizy.

You Can Use Yaani With Free of Charge

Yaani browser is offered to all users completely with free of charge.

You Can Customize Your Home Page On Yaani

You can sort out the buttons on the main page of Yaani browser as you wish, turn the news flow off and on. You can bookmark your favorite sites. In this way, you can navigate through your favorite web sites with a single click. If you wish, you can use the application with the dark theme.

You Can Find Your Favorite Web Sites Quickly

You can add the web sites you use most frequently to the “collection” on the browser and open these web sites quickly whenever you want.

You Can Spend Your Time Safer On The Internet Through ‘’Incognito Mode’’

You can spend time confidentially and securely on the Internet with “Incognito mode”. You can turn this feature on and off at any time.

You Can View The Nearest Pharmacies

You can see the pharmacies on duty near you on Yaani browser. On the other hand, you can also list all the pharmacies close to you during the working hours.

You Can Translate Between Languages

When you need a translation, you can translate between varios languages quickly and easily on Yaani browser.

You Can List The Video and Visual Results Of Your Searches

You can list both the visual and the video results of your searches on Yaani browser.

You Can Compare The Prices Of Products and Services

You can compare the prices of products and services you are looking for. You can see different sellers comparatively on ‘’shopping’’ tab and find the best price of the product or service you want to buy.

You Can Follow Live Scores & Fixtures

You can follow the live scores and fixtures of many football leagues across the world.

You Can Use Any Search Engine You Want on Yaani

You can use the search engine you want on Yaani browser through the “default search engine option” in the ‘’settings’’ section.

Yaani Browser’s New Features

With the last update made;

● You can list the shortcut buttons as you like.
● You can see the remaining usage details of your 1 GB package under “settings”.
● You can turn the news flow off and on.

Yaani mobile browser is fun, free and easy to use! DOWNLOAD NOW!

Terms of Use & Privacy: https://www.yaani.com.tr/policy/app_privacypolicy.html

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